Excellent Product

I am very pleased with the purchase. We could have bought cheaper, but it became apparent quality was key, and this product really provided that. Plus it was well packed, quick to assemble and our son hasnt managed to break it yet-a new record :) Highly recommended.

Aaron Burgess, Swindon

Excellent Quality Swift Service

Easy Construction & was able to reduce the roof eaves to for it into the space available.

Marcus Royce-Rogers , London

Absolutely stunning play house...

Initially was sent the wrong pl ayhouse but the replacement was sent without question so promptly. The play house is stunning and so much better quality than I was expecting. My kids adore their new house!! Well worth the money and a great company to deal with. Thank you.

Ben Freebury, Kent


We ordered the Redwood Mansion, it arrived when promised. The instructions and all items were extremely clear and the result is amazing we have one extremely happy little girl who would, if she could spend all her time in it. Thank you

Vineesh, Huddersfield

Highly recomended

Easy to put together, time took was about an hour, spot on! Girls love it!

Abi, Shetland

A quirky delight

We bought this playhouse for our granddaughter and are delighted with it's slightly quirky appearance. More importantly our granddaughter loves it. It comes with some of the clearest and easiest to understand build instructions that I have seen and it took less than an hour for me and my son to construct it. It now stands in the corner of our garden and attracts many admiring comments from friends and family. All in all an excellent purchase.

Michael Page, Farnborough


We purchased the Redwood Mansion Playhouse for our 3 year old daughter. We placed the order online on a Sunday, our order was confirmed on the Monday and delivered the next day. The Playhouse itself is well made and very easy to construct (my husband built it on his own in about an hour). We gave each panel a coat of clear varnish before construction, which has only added to the final finish as well as hopefully protecting the wood further. Everyone who has seen the Playhouse thinks it looks amazing - including our daughter who absolutely loves it. We are thrilled with the service and product we received from Big Game Hunters.

Shelley, Bristol

Redwood Mansion Playhouse

Our 3 year old daughter absolutely loves this playhouse. So much so it can be difficult to get her back in the house to play! The package arrived on time and the house was easy to assemble. Excellent customer service. Will definetely consider buying from Big Game Hunters again.

Sue, North East

Good service

Playhouse arrived very quickly and was well packed. However, one piece, the roof ridge, was split. Contacted Big Game Hunters and they sent a replacement straight away with no quibble. I have not built the house yet as it is for my grandson's second birthday towards the end of July.

David Hubbard, Welwyn Garden City

Excellent play house!

I'm so glad we decided to go with this play house. It arrived in several large boxes on a rainy day and was assembled by our in-house husband and wife team in less than an hour with power drills. Instructions were easy to follow and all pieces were present and correct. At this price point, you'd be hard pressed to find competitors with open/shut windows, which is precisely the functionality that sold us. The design is excellent as well - we like things with character. Most importantly, the pre-schooler loves it! Will need to work on weatherproofing it though, the roof's fine, but the windows need a solution.

Amy, Wiltshire

Great playhouse

Spent weeks looking for a playhouse or a shed but struggled. I then found this website and my kids loved the look of the redwood mansion. It’s big but not overly huge! It arrived really fast after we ordered it. It came in 7 boxes as we ordered the floor as well. It took myself and my dad about 3 hours as we had to build it with 3 kids “helping”. The instructions were ok but not as clear as I would have liked. The floor itself does not fit great there is about 1inch gap all round and at the middle. It’s been varnished but we will have to figure out a better way to weather proof/bug proof with all the gaps in the windows, floor and roof. As a playhouse though my kids love it and can’t wait to make it a nice cosy space. I think for the price it’s great. The smell of the wood is amazing as well. :)

Rachel Scott, Scotland

Birthday gift

We wanted a wooden playhouse that both my boys could get use from, they are aged 1 and 4 years. I was worried about assembling as me and my husband are no drilling experts, we just used a Phillips head and it worked fine. The only thing that took us a little longer to assemble was the roof and trying to line things up correctly. It took 60 mins to assemble so not long atall considering how useless we are. I love how quirky it is and the smell from the wood is lovely haha. We initially where going to get the smaller house but really glad we opted to spend more for the larger. The only down side is you have to pay more to get the floor included but I didn't read the smallprint at the time so will need to go back and order at somepoint. Also took less than 24 hours to arrive so very quick turnaround.

Laura, Newcastle Upon Tyne