We absolutely love our triple mud kitchen!

It’s such a great size and the girls love to play with it. One of the best features is the refill tub above the sink so she can use it as an actual sink, Everley loves it! I also love that you can connect a hose to the mud kitchen too, now that’s a great feature I've never seen before! We have 2 daughters who play with this and it’s a really good size for them to play together, and it’s built study and I can tell it’s going to last! The worktop opens and closes which is great for when you finished playing and you can close it to cover the sink bowl! This is by far the best mud kitchen I've come across and I’ll certainly be recommending it to others!

Vikki Blanchard, Kent


Oh my goodness, this was bought for my twins and they love it. they don't want to leave it to come in for bed time. They think its so much fun to have their very own outside kitchen and the working tap is just great


Amazing quality and value for money. Kids LOVE it!

This was so easy to put together, great instructions. Would have been lovely as is but I decided to paint it. My one year old and four year old have been playing with it all morning. The water dispenser and tap are a big hit! Amazing value for money, I have been looking for one for a while and so glad I found it.

Mrs R, Anon

Sturdy, well made and good value

The Mud kitchen arrived promptly and my daughter found it easy to assemble. She said that it was well made and well designed with good features. As advised by the supplier I then treated it with 2 coats of clear wood preserver which didn’t take long but is worth doing. I bought the kitchen directly from the supplier and thought they had a good range of outdoor equipment and games for children. I think this item is good value compared to other similar size and type of items on the market. My 2 grandsons 3 and a half and 20 months love it . My daughter says she is determined that her boys will know how to cook. Roll on the day they are cooking the family dinner.

Chris, Shropshire