Perfect for big imaginations

The Wooden Teepee is definitely my new favourite item in our garden. Not only is it a lovely size for my children to play in but it looks great in the garden too! The quality of the wood used is great and it was really easy to build even with two little ones running around!l, although I’d recommend doing it without and they get very eager to hop in mid build! The teepee itself has two little “spy windows” as my little girl calls them so you can see in, as well as them peek out at you. Inside the teepee is a little blind that can be rolled down, perfect for hide and seek or for playing in a secret dens. It’s a really good height too, my daughter is very tall for her age but there’s ample space for her to stand. The floor space also cannot be faulted, I think she’s managed to fit her entire collection of teddy bears in for a picnic so far and she been enjoying reading in there too! The teepee is an ideal space for shade on the sunnier days but it also makes a great space for shelter in the rain too, the blind is really handy for keeping out the wind. My little girl will play outside come rain or shine so she’s loving having somewhere to shelter too! The teepee can be painted to suit your garden and colour scheme or left plain, something else I really love about it! You could also decorate with with little solar lights, cushions etc to make it really pretty and comfy! It means it’s fun for the kids but by no means an eyesore for the garden too, definitely a parent pleaser! We also purchased the floor, I like the idea of the kids being raised up a bit to stop them getting wet or cold bottoms! The blind can also be removed and washed much to my joy because, like most things, it definitely won’t stay clean for long with two toddlers! I’d definitely recommend the teepee as an alternative playhouse, my little ones love it!

Jaimie T, Essex