A lovely sturdy set of boules, bought as a gift and the recipient liked them a lot.

Kat, Derby

Good quality set

Good quality set of boules. Nice case too. I am happy with the jack despite others’ reviews. It may have been improved since. Worth the money when discounted. Wouldn’t buy at full price.

T Coates, Cheshire

Nice little set.

Nice boules set. Case is metal but due to the weight of the contents im worried the handle may not last and I carry it tentatively. The boules themselves have a nice weight although the jack seems a little too light. Its a nice set though and seems worth the money.

M. Dyne , london

boules are a big hit.

I bought these for a summer fete and they were a big success nearly a hundred people of all ages and sexes played it. One small moan the jack is a bit light and flimsy we substituted a golf ball and it was a lot better in our opinion. The boules are nice and chunky and the case is a welcome extra.

R. Banks , Gillingham


A great game, from across the water. I have enjoyed playing this when on holiday so why not play here - we don't have the same surfaces as the French though. A well presented set in a good case - good buy is my verdict

Mr. L. Buthee, Hamworthy

Mixed feelings

This is a great game and the boules and case are good quality. The set is let down by the flimsy balsa wood jack ball (why?) and the 'used' look of the sponge packing inside the otherwise nice case.

Mrs. Joyce Tedcastle , Oakley

Great set!

Best boccee set I have ever played with. This is the best one out there.

trevj77, Over compton

Excellent, all the kids love it what ever age.

The case is very substantial and the boules are standing up well to use. Very nice gidt for my 7 year nephew.

J. M. Jordan, Devizes


The Boules seem to be reasonably good quality and don't scratch too easily, unlike others. Good value overall. Many thanks.

Adam, Warminster

Proper Boules

Really good - just the ight weight.

John Jackson, Kent

Excellent match quality boules

Boules should be solid and weighing around 720 gm. Many are sub-standard. Not this set. Really good quality in an excellent metal box, and very good value for money.

Bob Reeves, Bristol