Amazing sandpit

It is a great size and looks really smart too. My son is 2 and loves it and could quite happily play in it all day! I would suggest double the amount of sand the recommend but the sandpit itself is excellent quality and easy to assemble.

Joanna, Southampton

Good size

Although this was a bit of a faff to put together trying to get all the angles right, now that it's built and being used it is very popular with our 3.5 year old who just climbs straight in it and gets stuck in. Several kids can get in at the same time and it doesn't feel like they're vying for space. Really good size which is why we wanted it. The edge could be a bit sturdier though as she does like to walk around it.

Ms Byrne, Princes Risborough

1.5m Hexagonal sand pit - the kids love it

My husband built this fairly easily, though we did both feel the quality was not as we expected and the finish could be better. The wooden rim to sit on isn't that strong, but strong enough for our two young children. That said, they love it and have played in it lots already.

DB, Bristol


Very impressed. Looks really nice. The hexagonal shape works. Good quality. Thanks!

Hannah, Sheffield