It’s a heavyweight, no mistake!

My son loves this, despite being roped into the epic battle to put it up. It’s enanled us to increase the ring height to nearly pro height, and have the ability to wind it down if smaller friends want to play too. The intructioms need significant improvement and do not attempt election without 3 ladders and 2 assistants, glamorous or otherwise.

Matt, Hove

basketball board

yes this is a fantastic designed Acrylic backboard with flex ring and with all the adjustments and specially for all age groups , being a former international pakistan basketball player i am very much pleased to see these kind of boards. I have my own Volunteer basketball Academy in Lahore Pakistan, i wish i can order this , thanks.

shahzad badar ud din, le3 2ug

Great value

I wasn't expecting that... My garden now looks like a nba court lol me and my son are very pleased with this product even the neighbours have commented how good it is

Martin, Portsmouth

Would be cheap at twice the price...

Was sligtly shocked at the size of the boxes when they arrived (you forget how big a back board is when stood next to one) but delivery was very quick and all arrived safe and secure. The item is much more substantial that you would expect for the money and everything is very well built, solid and built to last. Whilst construction is not actually difficult (the instructions are not great but clear enough) actually mounting to the wall is a heavy and tiring process and I would say installation with anything less than 3 people is going to be tough (although you only need 3 people for around an hour). Once mounted it works just as you expect and my son loves the fact he can slam a ball when I set it to 9 feet, not tall enough yet for the full 10 foot. Now he has the best of both worlds, can mess around with his mates pretending to be MJ or Coby (RIP) or set to 10 foot and actually practise his shots/free throws etc as part of his team training. If you are looking for a substanial set up that will last and look like the real deal then do not hesitate. However, be aware this is a large beast (both the size of the back board and the overall mechanism) and you need a decent size wall to mount it.

Neil Hunt, Oxford

Well made and versatile.

It was quite a mission to install this unit. It definitely requires two people and the instructions aren't particularly clear. But the construction feels very solid, the backboard and the hoop are great quality and most importantly my son absolutely loves it! It's also very useful to have the ability to adjust the height as I hope my son (&friends) will get many years of use out of this product.

Nic Lenz, UK

Awesome hoop but a beast to put up!

This is a great hoop and the backboard seems sturdy as does the hoop. Being able to lower it raise it was key for me which is easy to do. It is however a beast to put up, I started building it on the ground but realised it was easier to put the back plate ok the wall and build it whilst on a ladder as it’s so heavy. I did it on my own, but recommend a 2nd adult to help lift the back plate up and secure it. Will see how it goes with the UK weather and rust…..

Simon Jamieson, Surrey