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See Saws


See-saws are known around the word under many different names. Sometimes spelt as one word 'Seesaw' or called a 'teeter-totter' in the United States.

We have a few models of see-saw that you can choose from - each one being specially chosen by us to give your child the most play value of the see-saws currently on the market. If you would like a more traditional looking see saw, we have a Wooden See Saw that would be perfect for your garden.

For a more modern twist on the traditional see saw, the tp spiro hop adds amazing bounce to your child's see saw experience! Not only does this see saw go up and down like a traditional see saw, but it spins round and round too. Your children will have so much fun on this see saw they won't want to get off!

The tp spiro bouncer is just like the spiro hop - but for smaller children. You get the same up-down and spinning action, but at a fixed height much lower to suit your littlest ones.

At Big Game Hunters, we feel that see-saws are an essential part to play equipment along with both Metal Swing Frames and Wooden Swing Sets. If you are thinking of buying a Climbing Frame or possibly even designing your own Action Climbing Frame then adding a see saw will enhance your child's garden playground even further.

You may already have a climbing frame or set of swings, and want to give your children even more fun whilst they are playing in your garden. A see saw is a very energetic and fun toy which will your children will seldom get bored of.

If your child is very active, and a see saw along with other fun play equipment is not enough to keep them entertained, have you thought about buying a selection of Garden Games to keep them entertained. Not only will these wooden games look great alongside other wooden play equipment - they can be used by the whole family. A Hi-Tower will keep from your youngest, to your oldest relatives entertained for hours, while a traditional Wooden Croquet Set will teach all ages accuracy and goods sportsmanship right in your very own garden.

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