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Dolls Houses and Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys and Dolls Houses

Big Game Hunter's are the Play Experts in Dolls Houses and Wooden Toys as well as outdoor toys and games. We aim to provide the most exciting and enjoyable Wooden Toys and Dolls Houses to give your children an imaginative and creative playing experience. We have a beautiful selection of wooden dolls houses, wooden kitchens, cars, garages, Arks and pirate ships among others. We also have a variety of charming Dolls House Furniture sets and exciting accessories to go with all these wooden toys.

Every single one of our Children's Dolls Houses within our carefully handpicked collection is made with high quality, responsibly sourced wood and is beautifully painted with fun, inspiring details.

We have lots of beautiful wooden dolls house furniture sets designed to play perfectly with our dolls houses, and the wonderful attention to detail will inspire a whole world of exciting pretend play for the little ones.

Our selection of wooden toy dolls are also scaled to our furniture sets and dolls houses, so they'll have so much fun moving into their new home and making themselves comfy on their lovely furniture!

We love wooden toys, they have a timeless charm that brings so much happiness and fun to children's play time, and their chunky nature makes them durable, long lasting and perfect for small hands. Our dolls houses and wooden toy collection celebrates and inspires children's imaginations while also helping to develop coordination and dexterity.

While we're little we try and make little houses out of anything; whether it's a cereal box-come-beautiful mansion, or Dad's slipper-come-Dolly's cottage - nothing is off limits!

Although this is fun and creative, it's not the most practical solution for owning dolls houses; perhaps because the residents of renovated cereal boxes are often far too big for their new home and Dad's slipper is unfortunately on more of a shared ownership scheme.

Wooden Toys

So, here at Big Game Hunters Dolls House Shop, we want to create more spacious and permanent Wooden Dolls Houses - Wooden Dolls Houses that your little ones can feel super proud of. With stunning Dolls House Accessories and cute little Dolls House Dolls (that fit perfectly), they'll absolutely love creating their own miniature home-living adventures.

However, we know that a wonderful advantage of cereal boxes and slippers is the price. So, we want to provide the very best Wooden Dolls Houses for brilliantly affordable prices - unbeatable prices in fact - making it possible for anyone to take one of these beauties home.

We believe your little sweethearts should have lots of fond memories of their Dolls House - ones that are treasured dearly even when they're all grown up! - So we do everything we possibly can to make that happen.

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