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Giant Garden Games

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Everyone loves the novelty value of having something giant size - take king size chocolate bars, or novelty blow-up toys. The games create a sense of child-like fun and enjoyment even for adults. They are fantastic for small children too, as the larger pieces make them easier to hold - and also less likely to be lost under the sofa or under a bed somewhere!

Giant Games are so much more fun to play than the original size versions. Because of their size, they can easily be played outside in your garden as well as indoors on rainy days (inside space dependant!) You could play Giant Pick Up Sticks in your living room or your garden with your best mate or your grandma - the choice is yours. These games - due to their size - can involve more people than the smaller size games. If you have a Giant Tower game in your garden, you can play in teams having more people involved at one time. If you have the small game set up on a table, you are limited to how many people can get close to it. A small game is harder to see and therefore harder to have more people involved in the game. Outside, or in a larger space, more people can see the games and fit around them so essentially you can create a better team or family game for everyone with these giant games. How much easier would a Giant Connect 4™ be to see rather than a small table version connect 4 game? Big Game Hunters started with Giant Games - the Giant Tower and Hi-Tower being the very first products we started selling. Since then, we have created a huge range of giant games, which have our customers in mind. each and every game is great fun and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

We know people find some games more fun than others, after all we all have different tastes. That is why we have the widest possible range of giant games to keep you entertained all year round. If for some reason giant games are not something you think would suit you, or you simply don't have the space, a compact set of Metal Boules Set would be just the game to tuck neatly away until you are ready to play.