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PE Equipment For Schools

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  1. Double Action Ball Pump
  2. Ball care kit with glycerine and needle adapters
  3. Lusum Ball Bags Lusum Breathable 10 Ball Bag
  4. Lusum SoftAir Cricket Ball
  5. Readers Cricket Balls Readers Special Schools Training Cricket Ball

Our PE equipment for schools is designed for key stages 1-2, our range includes all the key essentials to aid with your primary and secondary school PE classes. We have multiple PE equipment products that are great for indoor and outdoor use, covering everything from parachutes, potato sack race, cricket, target toss and lots more.

Each of our PE games for school really help to encourage more pupils to improve on their fitness and physical activity, whilst also allowing teachers to make PE more fun. Whether you need PE equipment for classes in the school gym or outside on the field, we have accessories designed to incorporate into a range of lesson plans.

We truly value the importance of physical activity in children's development. The boundless physical and emotional benefits that result from PE and sport are so special, and we are wholly committed to providing equipment that supports this. Making sport accessible and enjoyable for young people is invaluable, developing their physical and emotional wellbeing as well as developing a love for sport that can last a lifetime.

Sport and PE forms an exhilarating part of busy timetables, allowing young people to play together collaboratively and express themselves physically. We are so passionate about providing PE equipment to support your lessons and training sessions that are so essential to the growth of young people. We know that keeping sport fun and engaging helps to shape children's perception of physical activity now, and will continue to be appreciated in the future, so we are very proud to assist with our range of reliable and long lasting sports products.