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Children's Teepees

Our teepee tents for kids are lovely spaces for little ones to play. A subtle nod to original teepees, our range includes beautifully printed cotton canvas designs with strong wooden pole frames.

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  1. Floor for wooden teepee

Our children's teepees are lovely spaces for little ones to play. A subtle nod to original teepees, our range includes beautifully printed cotton canvas designs with strong wooden pole frames.

Each play tent within our range invites children to immerse themselves in make-believe play, with unique and colourful fabric prints. Teepees and wigwam play tents are brilliant for stimulating imaginative play, encouraging the development of many different skills that will benefit their future years. Whether the little ones are playing on their own in a fun imaginative world or playing with friends in a big adventure, these play tents will spark lots of creative play time.

Origins of teepees and wigwams:
Teepees are often also known as wigwams and have lots of history. Wigwams were originally known as a 'wickiup', a New England Algonquian word meaning 'dwelling', for a dome covered in birch bark and a teepee was the original Native American home made from buffalo hide. Sometimes used to grow runner beans and sweet peas, pyramid shaped wigwams provided lots of uses and teepees provided shelter with the use of skins and cloth over a pole frame.

Inspired by the history, our children's teepee play tents are supported by strong natural wooden poles and are adorned with very thick cotton canvas, each with a unique print for imaginative play - a modern upgrade from skins and birch!

Easy to transport - inspire play wherever you go:
The fold-up design means they can easily be gathered up and tidied away when not in use, and easily moved from inside the home to the garden or a friend's house. These are brilliant alternatives to larger wooden playhouses, or perfect little add-ons to your outdoor play area for an extra space to play and maximise adventures!

With soft, durable and shower-proof cotton canvas, the kids can feel cosy and secure in their new little hideouts, and can happily explore lots of new worlds; whether hiding from enemies in a Camouflage Teepee or organising a wonderful tea party for their companions in a pretty floral teepee!

Our selection of children's teepee play tents are designed by our specialist team of Big Game Hunters play experts whose focus is to bring you the most inspirational play activities for your little ones. Our keen eye for quality and innovation makes sure that our range is exciting and fun!

Durable wooden poles

All of our teepees are suitable for use indoors and outdoors, making them wonderfully versatile and particularly useful for English weather! Strong wooden poles keep them sturdy, so they won't blow over in light winds and each pole is in two parts connected by plastic connectors for extra strength. Being able to put them in the garden or in your living room makes them perfect for homes of all shapes and sizes, and each one is very simple to take down and put up again, making them very convenient and easy to move around.

Shower-proof cotton canvas

With high quality materials for long lasting play, the thick cotton features a water-resistant coating to keep them looking and feeling tip-top when being used outdoors. The shower-proof coating is transparent and matte, keeping the cotton's beautiful and natural finish while resisting light rain showers - so you don't need to rush and take it indoors in an unexpected shower!

We're so passionate about high quality outdoor and indoor play and we do everything we can to encourage it. So, we have designed this collection of teepee play tents to spark children's imaginations and create a space where so many adventures can take place. The fun colours have been specifically chosen to excite children's imaginations. Fiends and siblings can visit and join in the fun, too, as there's lots of space inside - creating a lovely social area where kids can share in their imagination and invent games.

Imaginative play is so important for children, and our teepees are designed specifically to encourage and celebrate this form of play. They feature materials and colourful prints to create a sensory and visual experience that encourages unstructured play, creating an all-round inspiring environment for huge amounts of creativity!

A special place to call their own provides opportunity for children to play together and bounce ideas off one another to invent exciting games, and this is brilliant for developing their social and communication skills in the comfort of their own den!

By communicating with each other and exploring role play games, the children are learning many social skills and developing ideas about the world around them. Our play tents include specific features that enhance imaginative play and encourage the development of these key skills, while also providing a fun play space that will be treasured dearly for many years.