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Sports Day Games

We offer some of the most fun and inclusive sports day games, to make sure their sports day is a memorable one. From boules, to cricket, limbo and skittles - you'll be able to host a sports day suitable for all abiltiies.

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We're huge fans of sports day - it's a brilliant opportunity for classes, teachers and coaches to come together and celebrate sports in a supportive and motivational atmosphere. Children can showcase their new or improved skills in the sports they've been training for in the run-up, while supporting and inspiring classmates in their own activities. Sports day inspires huge motivation and skill-building to achieve goals, encouraging children to work hard individually and in teams.

Our sports day games provide fun activities and races for early years foundation stage and primary school, while also providing lots of entertainment for families and spectators supporting! Our giant games inspire lots of excitement and competition for everyone, including teachers and parents!

We're really proud of our sports day games and the skill sets they inspire. Our range includes a number of racing style activities with a selection of sports day favourites! Our Party Sports Day set includes high quality accessories for a sack race, egg and spoon race, 3 legged race and bean bags for a variety of activities, combining these traditional games all in one ready-to-play set.

These games inspire competitive fun along with invaluable teamwork and sportsmanship. Playing in teams teaches children to support and help each other in the activities to reach a common goal, as well as how to play fairly and respect others. The joint skills required in team races teaches children to work together in a controlled and mindful way in order to reach their goals.

Our games bring lots of entertainment to secondary school sports days for families and spectators. Mums, dads, teachers and friends can all play games and take part in the day, keeping spirits high between the main events!

We know little ones can get fidgety and restless while watching their older brothers and sisters take part in sports day, and our range of games are brilliant for keeping them occupied so you can concentrate on enjoying the sports activities the class has been training for. A game of Hi-Tower or snakes and ladders are quick and easy to set up on the school field, without taking up much room, so they can be placed near the action and are ready to play straight away.