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After School Club Activities

Featuring both indoor and outdoor play, our after-school club activities encourage an array of skills, supporting children's natural development. It's a brilliant opportunity for children to practise the skills learnt in class, socialise with friends and get started with homework. Including games such as limbo, boules, giant dominoes, giant draughts, parachute game, and tons more, we stock a wide variety of games, suitable for a wide age range.

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If it's a rainy day we've got a range of after school club activities that are perfect for indoors. Our games are portable so they're easy to pick up and bring indoors, or move outside to play in the sunshine. Being fairly small, the games are neat and compact when packed up so they're easy to store in the games cupboard and bring out whenever required.

Our assortment of games and activities inspire lots of fun and support children's natural development in early years and primary school. So many invaluable skills are learnt in the early stages of school, skills which will stay with them forever. Our range of activities and games create a fun atmosphere and foundation for practicing these skills after school in a group setting.

Learning through play with our after school club activities strengthens communication and social skills as well as a range of physical skill sets.

Our giant dominoes sets promote numeracy skills and logic, as well as hand-eye coordination while the inflated size of these sets inspires lots of novelty fun. Playing dominoes involves lots of counting practice, careful accuracy and communication, while the chunky pieces are easy for small hands to move around.

Our target games support the physical skills learnt in PE and sports, encouraging little ones to aim and throw using targets and careful coordination, all the while having lots of competitive fun. Target Toss includes soft tennis style balls and a Velcro pad that's perfect for indoor or outdoor play, developing balance and accuracy. Target games encourage fun competition with friends, involving chatter about the game while helping to form strong bonds.

Our range of games helps to create a sociable atmosphere in after school club, encouraging children to work in teams and talk to each other about their tactics and plans. This creates group activities with a common goal, bringing children together and encouraging lots of conversation. Talking about game strategies and plans helps children to support each other in their development, learning from each other and enhancing logic and tactical thinking.

After school clubs are safe and familiar environments where children can socialise and take part in group activities outside of class. This sense of familiarity provides a place in which little ones can express their creativity, develop new skills and get started on homework at their own pace. It's a perfect opportunity for children to lead their own play and activities, enhancing skills they're already developing and realising their abilities. This inspires increased group confidence as well as self-confidence, helping children to try new activities and learn from each other.