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Rounders Sets & Equipment

Our rounders balls, kit and equipment are perfect for players of all ages and we have carefully selected them to encourage this. Children are often introduced to rounders at school, so now they'll be able to bring their new skills home and practice with the whole family.

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  1. Lusum Rounders Balls Lusum Rounders Ball

Ash wood bats:
Rounders bats are traditionally made out of wood, plastic or metal. Plastic bats are designed for training while metal bats are designed for competition play. Most sets have solid wooden bats which are ideal for players of mixed abilities. Our sets contain Ash bats which are ideal for players of all ages and abilities as it is lighter than other materials. Ash is popular with family Rounders sets because children and adults can both join in the entertaining game.

Solid Ash Bats are also a popular choice for many schools and clubs as they are very hardwearing, allowing them to last for years of regular and vigorous play. Our Club Rounders Set comes with 4 Ash bats which allows players to run with the bat rather than having to remember to drop it or throw it to the next player. This allows players to play by the official rules which state that the bat should be carried whilst running.

Hand stitched leather balls:
Hand stitched leather balls are included with most sets and are used by schools and clubs. You may decide that depending on the age and abilities of players that this ball is too heavy and would like to swap to something lighter like a tennis ball or a foam ball. Our Garden Rounders set contains a PU ball which is softer and lighter which means it can be used inside but is also ideal for family games as it reduces player's fears of being hit or not being able to catch the ball.

The Club Rounders set contains leather balls which are ideal for training. Both the PU and leather balls are highly durable allowing the game to be enjoyed for many years. Most sets contain either one or two balls but during play if a ball is lost game play has to stop. Extra balls can be an essential add-on to any set so that play can continue from dawn to dusk.

Stumps, posts and bases:
Stumps can range from wooden stumps to full size posts with solid rubber bases. If you are playing a more informal game and don't want to damage the grass area you are playing on, jumpers can be used to mark the posts. Did you know, Rounders posts with rubber bases will not damage your playing surface and are perfect for use indoors? They will not slip and move on the gym floor and the bases can be easily removed after the game is finished, leaving no marks. Schools and clubs tend to use rubber bases and posts because they are more stable and durable for regular use.

If you are still undecided on which set to purchase then feel free to get in contact with us and we can provide more help and guidance.

Children are often introduced to Rounders at school, developing a variety of skills in a fun and inclusive setting. The weights of the accessories and materials in different rounders equipment is chosen specifically to encourage players of all ages to join in, so children can bring their new skills home and practice with the whole family.

Playing Rounders with brothers and sisters in the garden or with friends at the park is a fantastic way to encourage exercise that's engaging and helps build friendships.

Ash bats are in both of our sets because they are lighter than some, allowing children aged five years upwards to join in. Our sets are designed to last and are used by many clubs and schools.

The game helps to teach children hand to eye co-ordination, encouraging focus on the ball being thrown at pace ready to strike the ball, while also aiming towards an area away from fielders. Rounders is also good for developing children's throwing and catching skills. Similarly it is challenging to throw the ball into the correct area below the head but above the knee of the batter at enough speed and accuracy.

With a PU ball available in our Garden Rounders Set, younger children can practice catching and hitting the ball at a slightly slower pace.