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Our Story

Big Game Hunters started in 2006 - now a leading outdoor toy retailer with humble beginnings, from the Oxfordshire countryside.

the Play Experts @ Big Game Hunters

So why do we call ourselves 'the Play Experts'? It is something that comes from our passion to be experts in outdoor games and play equipment. Being in the fortunate position to be able to manufacture all kinds of outdoor toys and games, we have developed knowledge and expertise in this area growing from the simple garden games business in the beginning to the large retailer we are today.

We take the creation and design of all our products very seriously - we listen carefully to our customers and year on year we improve our products and design new ones to bring families and children all kinds of play equipment which is not only fun, but built to last.

Our Experts

Our areas of expertise have grown from the truly giant garden games such as Hi-Tower and Giant Chess to more specialist areas such as trampolines, playhouses, basketball and sports equipment. We even have a specialist sports ball shop which serves hundreds of sports clubs up and down the country -

Although in numbers we are still quite small, we have a solid team of 'play experts' who each specialise in an area of the outdoor toy world. This means that not only do we put a lot of time and thought into what we sell, but we also know our products inside out. We don't have a call centre - we have intelligent individuals who are there to help and inform customers at every step of the way. The small nature of our team means that everyone has seen, touched and often used the products that we sell so we can give people genuine, well-informed advice. If we don't have an answer to a question we go out of our way to find out - this is what makes us different.

This first hand experience with all of our products helps us develop and design our products in the best way possible - being in touch with both the manufacturing process and the customers gives us an amazing wealth of information that many retailers do not have.

Our Name - Big Game Hunters

Where does the name come from? The name was chosen to reflect our interest and desire to hunt down the biggest and best games, to make and sell them to you; the public. It is as simple as that.

The name naturally has caused some confusion as it can conjure up images of hunting large animals - but it really is just about toys and games!

Our History - how we started

Garden Games Ltd is the company, which started everything off. The giant tower game Hi-Tower was created out of necessity for a birthday party when one of our Director's twins were very small. He needed something to entertain a whole party of adults and children. He had a good think and had the sudden realisation that the tiny little tower game they loved playing so much could be made into a giant-size game and could be played outside.

He set to work creating this truly giant game (the one which developed into the Hi-Tower game) and it was finished just in time for the birthday party, which was of some relief to his wife!

This was the very beginning of Garden Games Limited - the manufacturer of many of the giant games and garden games we sell today.