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Cricket is a game which is appreciated all over the world in a number of different countries and cultures. It the second most popular spectator sport across the globe after football. Cricket's origins date back many centuries. It was however first played in the form we know today in the late 16th century in the schools of South East England in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. The game was played in the students' leisure time. The name of the sport or "creckett" as it was first reference is believed to be derived from the old English word "cricc" or "cryce" which means crutch or staff. The game really took off in the 18th century when nobles realised that it was a high stakes game which would be great for betting. As a result of this they drafted a set of rules, the first example of which dates from 1744 and was written on a handkerchief. The first recognised Test match took place in 1877 between England and Australia. The name for the match being coined after the players described the trying nature of playing over five days.

There are a number of items of kit you will need to purchase should the kids take up playing cricket at school in matches. These include shin guards and whites but with Junior Cricket Sets the game can be reduced to its bare elements. Included in a Junior Cricket Set are 3x stumps, 1x bail, 1x soft rubber ball, 1x carry bag, 1x wooden bat and a carry bag. The simplicity of this allows children to learn the basics of the game with a smaller and lighter ball and a set which can be carried around anywhere.

Cricket is a fantastic sport for children to start playing because it gives them the benefit of experiencing the power of teamwork. When they are part of the fielding team they must be able to accurately throw the ball to each other on occasion to attempt to get the batter out. Similarly when they are batting they must be able to coordinate the timing of running in opposite directions of the crease. These activities require enthusiasm and communication between the children. Cricket isn't widely renowned for being the most physically demanding sport compared to Rugby and Athletics. However the game does come with its own demands and challenges for fitness. For example the process of batting and fielding will call upon players to run quickly over short distances. Because the matches can last over an extended period of time players can rack up some very beneficial cardiovascular exercise. Because of the sometimes slow burning nature of the game of cricket it also teaches children the valuable lesson of patience. Be it waiting for their turn to bat or getting called into action to assist with fielding they will learn the joys of competing in a game which involves an important mental element of concentration and focus.