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Playhouse Accessories

Our wooden playhouses are already bursting with exciting features, but we also have a selection of fun add-ons that can transform each and every house - ranging from Steering Wheels to Telescopes and Periscopes! We also sell different flooring types to make their playhouses even more immersive!

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Playhouses provide such a wonderful space for children to use their imaginations and to spark lots of creative stories and games, and this is because it's a space all of their own - a comfortable place in which many memories will be formed and cherished for years to come. We appreciate the importance of this and understand that each and every playhouse needs to be stimulating and unique, and adding accessories can make them feel even more personal!

'Ahoy me hearties' with a Ships Steering Wheel and Telescope; the prettiest wendy house of all can instantly become a mysterious Pirate Ship ready for daring travels out to sea. Simply assemble the Ships Steering Wheel to the inside of your playhouse, with a Telescope just to the side of the window - now your little ones can see out into the horizon, keeping an eye on their fellow Pirates and their Ships, all in the comfort of your garden.

We also have a range of floors designed for specific playhouses, which simply lay inside the playhouse to form a comfortable space to sit; brilliant for having picnics and chatting with friends.