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Throwing Games

Our throwing games bring huge amounts of outdoor fun for the whole family and are perfectly portable. They're neat and compact when they're packed up, ready to take along with you to garden parties, BBQs or even the beach for some friendly competition wherever you go. The handy carry bags and cases keep the games tidy and are easy to store at home, ready to bring out and set-up within a few seconds for lots of impromptu garden fun!

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These games include small accessories to throw and compact targets, so it's really quick and easy to set them up and they use a modest amount of space, making them perfect for smaller gardens or playing on the beach where space might be limited. The targets are lightweight, easy to set up and perfect for a variety of different playing surfaces, inspiring lots of throwing fun for all sorts of occasions.

Throwing games inspire fun competition for the whole family, encouraging little ones to develop throwing and coordination while grown-ups can brush up on their aiming skills; it's not as easy as it seems! With targets of different sizes and styles, the whole family can enjoy the challenge, with the option to make the games even more challenging by standing further away from the targets. Throwing games are fun and inclusive, giving everyone a chance to play and enjoy friendly competition. They can be played in teams of varying sizes, so they're perfect for families of all sizes, inspiring team spirit and group play.

These compact games are also perfect for playing at wedding parties, family celebrations and Christmas events, providing extra entertainment for family and friends. Being lightweight, compact and venue-friendly, these inclusive games bring family and friends of all ages together and are the perfect ice-breakers. Packing down quickly and neatly into their storage bags and boxes, they're easy to take home afterwards for some outdoor fun with the little ones or they can store away until the next garden party.

These simple games help children develop a variety of skill sets including hand-eye coordination, strength and motor skills. Aiming at the targets encourages children to think about their throwing technique and distance from the target, as well as improving grip, all the while enjoying playtime with friends in the playground. Storing away neatly in the games cupboard, these games can be set-up quickly and conveniently ready for break-time or to help support the development of these skill sets during class. The range of games offers different types of targets suitable for setting up in a variety of play areas, offering flexibility.

Practicing aiming, throwing and coordination through playing with these games helps support the natural development of these key skills learnt during sports and PE games. This will benefit little ones with any sport and physical activity they take part in during class or sports club. These fun throwing games also inspire children to enjoy playing as a team, help to communicate with peers and celebrate team spirit.