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Sand & Water Play Equipment

We're very proud to provide a range of high quality sandpits for schools, helping to facilitate this wonderful style of learning.

Sand and water play in school is so magical and exciting for children, opening up a world of new experiences to explore with their peers and teachers. We understand that tactile play is so vital for children in the early years and through primary school. This invaluable style of play enhances the senses, encouraging children to explore the different materials and feel the variety of textures.

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Sensory activities in preschool and primary school are interactive and inclusive, bringing children together and opening up opportunities to talk to each other and develop important social skills. Sand and water play equipment is perfect for incorporating into lesson plans in early years and key stage 1, or provides an exciting sensory play area for preschool.

Sandpits and water play equipment provide the perfect setting for learning about weights, measures and mass. With the addition of resources including measuring jugs, spades and scales, a sandpit can support numeracy and science lessons with hands-on sensory play. Experiencing and learning about the changes in texture, weight and mass by really feeling and seeing this happen is a wonderful way of encouraging children to take part in the lessons, supporting the numerous skills and knowledge gained in each lesson.

Sandpits and water play equipment promote imaginative play, using lots of creativity to build shapes and objects. Building sandcastles encourages children to think about how different amounts of sand and water work together to create different textures and consistencies.

Children love to get messy and play with their little peers, so getting stuck in with sand, water and mud is so much fun. Exploring messy play activities together encourages little ones to communicate and share imaginative ideas with each other, helping to develop strong friendships.

Using multiple senses at once, there's lots of new experiences to explore and absorb, creating lots of excitement and fun in the play area. Listening to each other's ideas and creativity, watching the adventures unfold and feeling new textures are all happening at the same time, keeping the little ones fully occupied and encouraging valuable communication skills.