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As experts of Croquet we have designed our sets to the highest quality available for each price range allowing for a smooth and enjoyable game at all levels.

All sets come with varying storage options adding to the flexibility and convenience. We also sell a full range of accessories and replacements including Croquet flags, balls, mallets, yard markers, hoops and posts - giving each set a much longer lease of life than it may have had otherwise.

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We are extremely proud to offer such a wide range of high quality croquet equipment. Whether you are looking for a full croquet set or looking to replace lost or tired pieces, you will find everything you could possibly need to fulfil your croquet requirements and needs.

All of our sets have detailed descriptions to guide you through your search for the perfect croquet set. We have also included information on the suitable age groups and levels of experience for each of the sets. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced croquet player we have a wide range of sets available and have all been designed to meet the needs of the users.

Croquet is fantastic traditional game which is suitable for players of all ages, abilities and skill levels. A game of croquet is a great way to encourage family and friends to enjoy the outdoors as well as involving as little or as much physical activity as you wish. Our range of croquet sets can fit into any lifestyle and home in addition to being ideal for gatherings, events and parties!

Choosing a croquet set can be a difficult decision to make and it can be confusing to decide which set will best suit your needs. All of our sets come with a range of equipment allowing you to select a complete package that suits your needs but our sets offer flexibility allowing you to add our mix and match accessories. We have a composed a detailed buying guide which has been written to help make choosing a croquet set easier.

Depending on the age and abilities of players there are different sets which have been designed with the different users in mind. If your family or friends includes a wide range of different age groups the Hatford Croquet Set would be a perfect choice. This set is the smallest one in our range making it suitable for use by small children as well as adults who feel more comfortable with a lightweight set.

If you are interested in playing croquet with a group of adult players, our Hurlingham Croquet Set contains a range of high quality equipment and comes packed in a solid wooden box with rope handles making this a lovely addition to any garden. The mallets included in this set have ash handles with solid rosewood heads with brass banding and inlaid sight lines.

Croquet is a game which has been around for centuries and has been played in many different forms. Croquet is popular and will appeal to many due to the challenges, excitement and developing impressive co-ordination. When children are growing the development of co-ordination and accuracy is hugely beneficial, on the other hand adults benefit from the physical toning of the body as well as being active mentally.

Our croquet sets have been carefully designed to meet all croquet players needs as well as supporting them through their sporting years. As well as having a varying range of sets available to suit all budgets and preferences, it is important that we also offer a wide range of Croquet Accessories to allow you to replenish and replace worn or tired equipment from your set.

Therefore we have a wide selection of croquet accessories available which allow you to either replace certain accessories or add to an existing set. From replacement croquet balls to individual mallets your croquet set can be transformed and improved in no time!

Each one of our croquet sets consists of accessories that are also available to purchase separately. This means if you happen to lose a ball or your mallet has seen better days you can replenish the accessories as needed rather than replacing the entire set. We have created dedicated sections within the croquet accessories page which allows you to select your croquet set and see all of the relevant components.

All of our accessories are the same high quality as included within each of our croquet sets. The accessories we have available are suitable for use with any of our croquet sets as well as being compatible with other garden croquet sets.

Each accessory and set has been designed to include important features to enhance the game as well as improving precision and accuracy. Whatever your budget or style of play, our carefully selected range has detailed information as well as the different benefits to help guide you to the most suitable set or accessory. Most of mallets have leather bound grips which help provide comfort and stability as well as giving them a delightful appearance. We offer croquet balls in varying weights and materials to provide you with a wide range of choices.
croquet accessories.

All of our croquet sets come packaged in either a canvas bag or a wooden box allowing them to be transported to any location and stored safely when not in use. We have the different options available, allowing you to choose the option that is most suitable for your needs.

We offer a large selection of croquet sets most of which are available with a canvas storage bag with strong carry handles. This allows the game to be transported to any chosen playing location and means that the croquet set can be stored safely after play meaning accessories don't get misplaced. The storage bag also features a handy shoulder strap which makes it easier to carry the set.

Some of our croquet sets have the option of a wooden storage box which has rope carry handles allowing the game to be transported to the playing location but also making the set look professional. The wooden storage box is popular with many and is great if you are giving the set as a gift.

There can be a lot of croquet equipment to fit into the storage bag and some people may wish to organise the way there equipment is stored. We also offer a tool kit bag option which allows you to store your equipment in dedicated sections of the bag as well as having strong carry handles making it easy to transport.

Croquet is a great game to play with family and friends and therefore needs to be able to be transported to different playing locations. All of our storage options allow you to enjoy the game with family and friends wherever you wish to play and also makes it possible for everyone to get involved in the fantastic fun of Garden Croquet.

Croquet is a popular game with many and helps improve hand eye-coordination as well as developing teamwork skills. Our sets have been designed to fit and meet the requirements of players using the set. The sets can be adapted by adding additional accessories if needed but most of our sets are suitable for all users.

Our wooden croquet sets are designed to be in keeping with other traditional croquet sets, with natural wooden finishes and first colour themes, with an added varnish coating for protection and durability. This ensures the charming character of the sets and helps provide extra strength and longevity to the croquet set allowing the set to last for years of play with family and friends.

Before any of the sets have been added to our collection each set is rigorously tested in order to meet our high regulation standards, so that you can feel comfortable in your purchase and we can feel confident knowing that we have provided the highest quality products for you. As with all of our outdoor games and activities we take great care in the impressive standard and quality of each product, whilst also feeling excited to bring so much fun and joy to homes all over the country.

Our range of Croquet Sets has been carefully considered to enable an easier process when buying a set. All of our croquet sets have detailed product information and technical specifications making it easier to decide which set is the right one for you to purchase. If you are still not sure on which set to buy please feel free to get in contact and we can help give you some extra guidance on which set is best for you!