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Giant Connect 4

Shop our range of high-quality Giant Connect 4! We offer four different lines of Giant Connect 4 in a row; Three of them serve as different sizes of the same design. The Maxi 4, Jumbo 4 and Big 4 increase in size as you go up the range and feature lovely hand-painted green wooden frames and plastic red and yellow counters for maximum durability and visual appeal.

We also offer the very popular Up 4 it game which features a blow moulded plastic frame and chunky counters. You can store the counters on the side of the unit during and after play.

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Although the game is thought of as a two player game it can actually be played with two teams. Each team or player has a colour - either red or yellow and the first player takes their turn by dropping one of their coins or discs into one of the columns in the game structure. The players then take turns dropping their coloured coins into the columns - trying to block the other colour from sitting next to each other where possible.

The object of the game is to get four of your pieces next to each other in a row either diagonally, horizontally or vertically. The winner is the first person or team to do this.