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Wooden Garden Games

Our variety of wooden games for the garden offer different types of play including target games to test your aiming skills, giant sized games to inspire fun on a huge scale and strategy games that involve careful planning and tactics! Each game brings its own type of fun that will be enjoyed by everyone, whether played in the garden with family or entertaining at a party, but they're also brilliant to collect and team up to bring a whole range of entertainment that will really impress the guests!

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There's something so lovely about wooden garden games. They're beautifully natural, soft to touch and really inviting. Without needing any bells and whistles, wooden garden games inspire true entertainment that's traditional and fun, encouraging active play and motivating families of all ages to play together. The natural wood and subtle colours blend into any garden perfectly, so they look lovely as well as providing lots of entertainment. The beautifully natural wood and painted colours also makes the games just right for wedding parties with a soft and natural theme, garden celebrations and outdoor get-togethers.

The soft and inviting textures of wooden garden games inspire lots of sensory play for little ones, encouraging them to touch and feel the accessories, learn how to play the games and enjoy taking part. Exploring and playing with these games encourages children to practice lots of motor skills while playing actively in the outdoors, getting lots of lovely fresh air and developing skills that will really benefit them. Little ones can practice their throwing skills and aiming at targets, develop balance and coordination as well as learn to play in teams.

Our range of wooden games offers something for everyone. Including traditional games that everyone knows and loves, modern games for unique garden fun and huge scale games that inspire tactics and skill on a huge scale, there's lots to choose from! We design and create each game to a standard we're really proud of, with high quality materials that are smoothed and shaped perfectly, hardwearing painted features that will stand the test of time and inspiring game strategies and ideas, making sure you'll want to get them out every time you're in the garden!

These games are really versatile so everyone can enjoy them - from really little ones to grown-ups. Whatever your skill level might be, you'll have a lot of fun with these. Children and adults with varying skill levels can still play; the games cater for basic and advanced skill levels, with adjustable rules and play to make sure everyone can enjoy them. They continue to inspire fun as players' skills develop, keeping everyone entertained and inspiring lots of giggles!

Playing with wooden garden games is a lovely way of bringing the family together, enjoying the outdoors while having fun creating strategies and tactics in teams, sharing ideas and learning how to play new games. They're also brilliant ice-breakers for family gatherings or perfect activities for garden parties with friends and neighbours.