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Mud Kitchens

Looking for a super cute play addition to your garden? Our mud kitchens are perfect for your curious little ones experiment and explore as they dig in the dirt, all year round, with this well equipped muddy delight! With its sunk washing up bowl carefully designed into the structure of the worktop frame, brass hose-attachable tap and separate water dispenser this product really does boast the element of realism. 

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Big Game Hunters introduce The Mud Kitchen. Watch the little ones dig in the dirt with this well equipped muddy delight. Enjoy the opportunity to see how they display curiosity, experiment and explore through open-ended learning all year round.

Our fascinating Triple Mud Kitchen opens avenues to explore soil sensory experiences through creative combinations. Use natural materials to make exciting muddy mixtures whilst learning words and exploring spelling on that all important recipe chalk board.

This ready-made collection comes complete with easy to assemble panels and includes everything you need to establish a working mud kitchen. With a pretend play cooking area including rings, a real working tap and water dispenser, children can invent all sorts of creative dishes.

The shelves and cupboards provide that all important storage space. Pack away and easily store the resources after a cram-packed session of muddy madness.