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Wooden Sandpits

At Big Game Hunters, we know that sandpits are extremely popular toys to have in your back garden. Our extensive range is all made of wood as we know that wooden sandpits for kids have quality, aesthetics and durability. They're available in hexagonal, octagonal and square shapes, as well as some fun shapes, such as a wooden cars, trains and more!

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A Sandpit is a fantastic children's toy that has been a popular choice for parents for generations, providing an unrivalled source of excitement and fun for children. Sandpits are also a great way of getting your children outside, providing them with much needed fresh air.

Our range of sandpits is designed to offer a number of different options, including different prices, designs and shapes, our range has been built to the highest specifications, ensuring that your children are safe when playing.

Our selection of wooden sandpits is extremely popular with children, with added features and optional extras allowing the user to have the best possible experience.

It is important to use sand that is specifically for play purposes. Play sand has evenly sized rounded grains and has been put through several cycles of pressure washing to remove iron oxide and other residues which could be toxic or cause staining to skin and clothing. Play sand can be bought in bags from large supermarkets, builders merchants and homeware retailers. A web search for "Play Sand" will come up with a variety of places to buy.

How do I know my sand is clean for my child? You can check your sand at home by stirring a few teaspoons of the sand into a glass of clean water, if the water remains clear when the sand has settled to the bottom of the glass, then the sand is likely to be clean.

There are many benefits to buying a sandpit - especially the beautifully crafted wooden sandpits that we have at Big Game Hunters. Getting your children in contact with sand early is a great way of preparing them for beaches and pre-school, making them used to the touch and feel of the material. Sand is very creative but also a big part of nature and the sensory side of sand is great for learning and development from a young age.

Sandpits encourage children to play using their hands, to be creative and expand their imaginations. Playing creatively can encourage different parts of the brain to work and help with growth and development.

We have been manufacturing sandpits for many years now. As the years go by we look into a variety of new and interesting products to add to our collection, so we can provide you with the best possible choice when buying for your children.

Our Sand Sailor Sandpit is one of the most popular and well designed wooden sandpits currently on the UK market. Featuring a unique boat design as well as a folding bow which forms a lid for a storage space beneath and benches inside the boat. This innovative sandpit is a hugely attractive addition to any garden, and the added ship features such as a mast and steering wheel really add to the imagination experience. The seats and benches allow users to simply take a seat when they're not playing. The front of the ship has a folding lid, offering valuable storage space for toys or other garden equipment.

Our Square Wooden Sandpit is also a very popular product. This features seats and an integrated lid on hinges, offering high quality at a fantastically low price.

Small children need to be supervised at all times when playing in a sandpit. This is usually due to the fact that sand can be appealing for a child to eat! It may sound silly, but we all know that little people love to put things in their mouths, so this is one thing to be aware of when having very young children in a sandpit.

However, all of our sandpits have gone through extensive testing to ensure that they are both safe and durable allowing the user to enjoy it for years to come safe in the knowledge that it will not cause any harm. On top of this all of our sandpits are made to EN71 standards making them ideal for children to play in. You can be confident that the treatments used on the wooden sandpits will not be toxic or harmful to your little ones. It is also worth mentioning, that if you are to treat or stain the wood again in the future, to ensure you choose a product which is also child-friendly.

If you have any questions relating to any of our sandpits you can call, email or write to our sales team who will be happy to help.