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Sandpit Buying Guide

Buy Wooden Sandpit

With a variety of different sandpits to choose from, including traditional and unique designs as well as various shapes and sizes, we advise that you use our guide to help you buy a wooden sandpit.

The satisfaction of all of our customers is our drive and focus. Our sandpits for sale all come with a 1 year warranty, instructions and an excellent after sales service, all of which is part of our commitment to offering an unrivalled overall service to our customers.

We have been in business for a number of years, and have more than sufficient knowledge and understanding of the market to judge the best sandpits when we see one! With this in mind, we have spent a considerable amount of time deciding upon the range to offer our customers, and all of the models available on our website are those that we consider safe, good value, well-designed and enjoyable.

If you have any questions, please let us know; we have a team of sales representatives who have been extensively trained and are happy to help.

A sandpit is a fantastic resource for parents to have in their garden, enticing their children to play outside and get some fresh air. These days, with growing sources of entertainment indoors, such as a games console or the TV, children are a lot less inclined to play in the garden, which is why a sandpit is such a valuable addition to yours. With the best sandpit selection right at your fingertips, as well as a comprehensive guide below, you can have a look through the different choices with plenty of help along the way.

The sandpits for sale within our collection have been selected very carefully to ensure that you have the highest quality range to choose from, all of which are the most inspiring designs available, and will encourage the youngsters to take part in an array of imaginative adventures while enjoying the outdoors!

Sandpit Guide

Size & Shape

When looking to buy a wooden sandpit, the size and shape of your garden is a very important factor. There are different styles available to suit various shapes, designed to fit conveniently into all sorts of spaces. Whether your garden is large or small, you may have a preferred place to position the sandpit which will determine the size of the sandpit.

If you have a small space to place the sandpit, then a compact and multi-functional sandpit could be the perfect choice. The Garden Games Picnic Table Sandpit for example, is an exciting sandpit and table combination. When the sandpit is not in use, the lid folds over to create a table-top and the little ones can sit on the benches on either side. Designed in a traditional garden bench style, the table sandpit blends beautifully into the garden and can be used as a table for all sorts of activities while providing the young ones with a fun sandpit when the lid is removed. This enables you to have the one item in your garden without needing a separate seating area for the children, which therefore saves a lot of space.

Alternatively, the Square Wooden Sandpit could be the best sandpit for you. It's wonderfully compact and its square shape means it can be positioned neatly in any corner. The sandpit also has a lid which doubles up as a seat, so the kids can sit and play with their sand without taking over the whole garden!

Storage & Weather

Some of the sandpits for sale in our range are multi-purpose, providing practical usage for when the children are not playing. These sandpits are ideal for those looking for a more long-term piece of play equipment. Considering where you are going to store the sandpit, or if you would like to use the actual sandpit as a storage facility itself, are two different things to consider.

If the sandpit is going to be positioned under a canopy or any form of shelter, then a cover isn't necessary. If you are planning on having the sandpit as a permanent feature within an open space, then a cover can protect the sandpit in many ways.

The Square Wooden Sandpit includes a multi-functional lid that acts as a bench for the little ones to sit on while playing and folds down to form a lid when the sandpit isn't in use. This cover protects the sand and interior of the sandpit by preventing animals or debris from getting inside.

A cover also protects the sandpit from the elements and helps keep the sand fresh and ready to play whenever the little ones are.

Tip: Try not to position the sandpit under trees as the branches will consistently direct rain onto the same place, and may affect the wood after a prolonged period of time.

Type of Play

When looking to buy a sandpit, the type of play that the children enjoy is an important aspect to consider. Whatever the style of the sandpit, the kids will be inspired to play imaginatively; however, they may prefer a themed sandpit that can encourage lots of themed adventures.

The Sand Sailer Sandpit is perfect for lots of nautical-inspired adventures, with a sail-style canopy, a storage space inside the stem and a bench at the back.

For youngsters that love creating their own imaginative games, the Octagonal Sandpit would be a brilliant option. The spacious pit lets them get fully involved in the sandy activities and provides a large area to play.

If the kids are likely to spend most of their time outdoors in the sandpit, then a larger and more permanent sandpit would be suitable, as opposed to a more portable and smaller version.


All of our sandpits for sale are made from high quality wood, ensuring a high level of stability and strength. We would always recommend choosing a wooden sandpit as opposed to plastic or other manufactured materials, as wood provides longevity and sustainability as well as being wonderfully safe for your children.