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Trampoline Anchors and Trampoline Anchor Kits

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We all love trampolines, but their shape tends to absorb the wind. This means that in high winds trampolines that aren't attached to the ground with trampoline anchor kits will move, or worse still, take flight.

If you are planning to place your trampoline in an open space then it will definitely be worth considering using trampoline anchors to prevent your trampoline from moving. Indeed if you plan to place your trampoline near to your house the trampoline anchor kits available from Big Game Hunters will prove extremely effective in protecting your home during high winds. This is because in extreme winds the trampoline could break a glass patio door, to name one example.

You can think of your purchase as an investment because a wayward trampoline can cause damage to itself, your property or even cause injury to family members in close vicinity.

Our trampoline anchor kits, which are also known as trampoline tie down kits, work with four galvanised steel stakes and four straps. Our standard trampoline tie down kits can attach a trampoline into the ground at four points.

We also have a larger size available which features eight stakes and eight straps. The larger kit is suitable for larger trampolines such as 14ft models and can attach the trampoline into the ground in eight different places. It is definitely worth considering the large trampoline tie down kits if you own a 14ft model to have a trampoline with excellent stability.

The straps on our trampoline anchors are made with polypropylene that feature two loops: the first wraps around the frame of the trampoline and the second goes round the stake which is then screwed into the ground (just like a corkscrew). If you prefer you can actually use a large screwdriver to put horizontally through the loop at the top and twist the stake into the ground. This is because the stake has a design that is not dissimilar to a corkscrew. Be sure to take extra care when drilling the stakes into the ground during the installation of trampoline anchor kits in any case.

Our trampoline tie down kits are constructed with only the most durable and resistant materials to the weather. The stakes and the buckles on the straps are made with galvanised steel to make sure that they will stand up to wind and rain and not rust. Similarly the straps on our trampoline tie down kits are made with polypropylene which is UV resistant. This means that they won't warp in shape during even the hottest of summer days.

If you order your trampoline anchors before 12pm then we dispatch them the very same day. We take pride in the quality of our trampoline anchor kits so you can have confidence that you are purchasing a high quality product.