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Playhouses for Schools

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A school playground becomes a world full of imagination with a playhouse, providing a safe and familiar place for children to explore their creativity and play with their class friends.

Playhouses for schools host a multitude of activities and adventures, providing lots of opportunities for learning through play. While taking pride of place in the playground, a playhouse provides an adventurous space for active play, a quiet outdoor reading area or a comfortable place for crafting and art.

A child's eagerness to learn, explore and express themselves with arts and crafts is truly special, and we love that playhouses provide the perfect space for this creativity to flourish. Crafting with a selection of paints, crayons and materials in their very own playhouse encourages children to explore their creativity outside of the classroom with their peers, while enjoying the fresh outdoors and absorbing inspiration from the nature around them.

Incoporating outdoor art and design lesssons into the timetable brings exciting variety for children, helping to bring new creativity and ideas to the class, inspiring each other and learning through play.

Perfect all year round, a playhouse can become a new creative environment for each season, drawing inspiration from the changing colours in the nature around them. Cheerfully bright flowers in summer and beautiful autumnal falling leaves in autumn along with visits from different wildlife, creates endless inspiration for a variety of arts and craft activites.

Reflected in the wonderful drawings, model-making, sculptures and paintings that come from experiencing the outdoors, children thrive in natural environments. Whether proudly sat in a dedicated area in the school nature reserve or taking pride of place in the playground, a playhouse is truly treasured and will create lasting fond memories.

A playhouse is also a wonderful place for creating calm and provides a comforting space where children can quietly collect themselves. Adding a collection of reading books inside the playhouse for children to enjoy in break time, for quiet reading on their own or shared story telling with friends, a playhouse promotes thoughtful reading and literacy skills in the comfort of their very own private space. The playhouse becomes a world where books come alive and children can share this world with each other, developing important communication and social skills.

Incorporated into liiteracy lessons or homework clubs, special reading time in a playhouse offers wonderful variety to the classroom. A playhouse becomes familiar and comfortable, providing a safe area in which children can enjoy reading and telling stories, discovering new books and learning from each other.

This provides boundless opportunity for boosting self-confidence, developing the ability to read out loud in front of their peers in an environment that's smaller than the classroom. The compact nature of a playhouse is perfect for small reading groups, encouraging children to listen to each other carefully, enjoy learning collectively and develop skills that will benefit them in the classroom and beyond.