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Trampolines & Accessories

High-quality kids trampolines and replacement parts - compatible with the vast majority of trampolines on the market, not just our own brand Skyhigh. Including trampoline pads, covers, anchor kits and ladders.

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  1. Big Game Hunters Trampoline Anchors Ground Anchors

Big Game Hunters has been trading for more than two decades and since the turn of the millennium we have been selling trampolines making us one the top experts in the United Kingdom.

We have a great deal of experience with trampolines and their accessories so we try to pass on our knowledge to our customers. This is why we have a variety of trampoline guides which will help you make the decision easy and straightforward.

We offer trampolines from our own brand Skyhigh in a rectangular shape.

Trampoline accessories are designed to improve various different aspects of your trampoline. Different parts for trampolines whether extras, trampoline spares or replacement trampoline parts, have different impacts upon the trampoline, improving areas such as performance, safety and appearance.

Perhaps our most popular trampoline spare parts are our pads. These are a protective cover which goes round the outside of the trampoline and protect the user from coming into contact with the springs. It is of the utmost importance that they are made from a thick and durable material to ensure both safety and longevity. Our Skyhigh deluxe pads come highly recommended by our customers as they are 27mm thick.

They are UV resistant and designed not to crack in frost. If you have bought a cheap trampoline with thin pads that have worn out then our Skyhighs will give it a much needed upgrade. We also have some entry level pads available from Skyhigh which offer fantastic protection at a very fair price.

A trampoline cover prevents your trampoline from being damaged by bad weather, protecting the trampoline pads, bed and springs. The cover will also keep debris off your trampoline when it is not in use, therefore preventing you from having to sweep or clean your trampoline before every use.

An anchoring kit for your trampoline prevents your trampoline from moving or blowing away in strong winds. It will also help lighter trampolines remain firm either when in use or in bad weather. If you live in open surrounding where it can become very windy this can be seen as essential to keep your trampoline in place.

Attaching a ladder makes accessing your trampoline safer and easier, eliminating the chance of the user falling when climbing on or off of your trampoline. We have a range of ladders for different trampoline sizes which are very easy to put together, strong and sturdy. They also have holes in the steps to enable water to pass through - preventing the steps from getting slippery in wet weather.

Trampolines promote an active outdoor lifestyle. They are far more than just good fun!
Here are four reasons why using this type of outdoor play equipment could benefit you and your children:

1. They are a good aerobic workout will improve your fitness levels
Trampolines are actually a very efficient form of exercise. "Rebounding" as it is sometimes referred to burns about 260 calories in a 30 minute workout which incorporates different exercises. This is compared to 200 calories for jogging in the same period. It also is lower impact on your joints than running on concrete.

2. Increasing your heart rate for a few minutes every day will decrease your chances of heart related health problems
There is a lot of supporting evidence that aerobic fitness increases your odds of living long. It decreases your bad cholesterol (low-density lips) and increases your good cholesterol (high-density lipids). This will decrease your risk of developing heart disease.
The benefits of this form of exercise also include improved stamina, recovery and fewer viral infections as your immune system is improved.

3. Builds strength and improves coordination by taking part in a sport
Trampoline exercise relies on having core strength. Sitting down on your bounce in a squatting motion works multiple muscle groups simultaneously. You can even take this a step further and have the kids join a trampolining club. Trampoline gymnastics is recognised a recognised Olympic sport and with the right professional coaching and supervision at home and in the gym the kids can learn to do some very impressive moves!

4. Exercising releases endorphins - so will make you feel good
There is a lot of evidence that people who regularly exercise receive a boost in their mood and lower rates of depression.
When you bounce on a trampoline and you exercise your brain releases chemicals called endorphins which trigger a euphoric feeling. When done regularly this can even lead to a better and more positive look on life.