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Trampoline Pads Buying Guide

Trampoline pads are the protective foam layer which attaches round the outside of the trampoline's frame. It prevents the user from coming into contact with the springs and frame.


The thickness of the foam in your pads has a big impact on the safety and comfort of your trampoline , which is why it is important to ensure that you buy the right ones. We sell a wide range of thick trampoline pads that are designed to enhance the safety of your trampoline.

Thicker trampoline pads prevent the user from falling or balancing on the trampoline springs, ensuring that they are not injured. This also make them suitable for people to stand on without having to worry about hurting themselves.


The material of trampoline pads is also an important consideration as it has a significant impact upon the comfort and safety of the user. It will need to be comfortable to stand on, remember that the user will not be wearing shoes on their trampoline. You also will want to ensure that the pads are durable and strong, so they can survive in harsh weather.

Skyhigh Pads have a deluxe PVC material, making the area between the edge of the trampoline and bed both comfortable and safe.

The high quality pads use a material that has a UV protection so the colour will not fade immediately in the sun. The pads are also waterproof so any moisture will not soak into the material.


Sometimes buying a cheaper pad can be a false economy. If the material is thin and children stand on them they are more likely to tear. You can tell the quality by feeling the thickness of the cover and the pad inside - extremely cheap covers will have a 'bin bag' feel to them and you will be able to move the thin padding around inside quite easily.

Obviously price will have a bearing on what you buy - but I would consider the question as to why something is a lot cheaper in price than something else.

Fitting and Size

Making sure you buy the right sized pad is important both for safety and to make sure it lasts a fairly long time.

To learn how to measure your trampoline correctly please cick the link to visit our Trampoline Measuring Guide:

It is essential that you buy the correct pad for your trampoline. The two different types of pad each secure to your trampoline in a different way. The Skyhigh Deluxe Pads, connect using a strong elastic toggle which you secure to the metal bar around the outside of the trampoline. The also have a generous skirt which fits around the outside of the trampoline making it more weather resistant as well as making it look nice and it will stay in place well even in windy weather.

Skyhigh Trampoline Pads

Our Advice In a Nutshell

Make sure you measure your Trampoline - getting the wrong size will just be a pain and will upset your children when they have to wait even longer to use their trampoline!


Trampoline pads make up around one fifth of the cost of the trampoline so we think it is worth investing in the thickest most durable pads so you will not be buying another set any time soon.


Your trampoline is likely to be a fairly dominant feature in your garden so treat it well - get it the best accessories and keep it looking brand spanking new.


Although the high quality pads are very good at resisting the weather, think about maybe both pads and a cover to ensure your whole trampoline in protected and not just the springs.


We care about the safety of people everywhere whilst having great fun on their trampoline - be sensible and make sure you have secured the pads on correctly - they play a vital role in keeping your children safe whilst they are bouncing

The thicker the pads, the softer the cushioning if your child is to stand, sit or occasionally fall or land onto the pads.