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Trampoline Pads

Our Trampoline Safety Pads come in 4 different sizes - 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft. They're an essential part of trampoline safety, and cover the springs with a protective foam. Trampoline pads often wear too, so it's important to replace these to minimise risk of injury.

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Trampoline pads surround the edge of the trampoline protecting against banged heads, grazed knees and toes being pinched in the springs. They cover the springs with protective foam cushioning and bridge the gap between the very outer frame of the trampoline and the edge of the bed or bouncing mat.

All trampolines come with Trampoline Pads to begin with, however these tend not to last as long as your trampoline so you will come to a point where your pads will need replacing before your trampoline does.

The trampoline padding is a vital safety component. Replacement trampoline pads can easily be found a few pounds cheaper elsewhere but they certainly will not be as substantial, long lasting, or as well made as a set of Skyhighs.

Safety is more important than price!

You can be confident with a set of Skyhigh pads because all sizes as a minimum standard:
Have consistent thickness of padding across the full width of the pad for maximum protection.
Are substantial enough to protect your child’s feet from the springs when they tread on the pads.
Have deep side skirts to cover the metal frame and hold the pads safely in place in use
Are secured to the trampoline with strong elastic toggles that will not easily break.
Are protected against UV degradation for a long life staying outside all year round.
Have multi seam stitches for strength.
Are waterproof so they will not become waterlogged and mouldy.
Are made using the best materials available.

Trampoline pads are essential to any trampoline. They protect the springs from the weather. They protect your children from the springs. They also make your trampoline look tidy in the garden.

You may want to:

Make your trampoline safer for your children to play on.
Replace a set of pads that have simply worn out or won't stay in place.
Give the edge of your trampoline a thicker replacement pad so it is more comfortable to sit on
Save money and bother with more durable and longer lasting trampoline pads that won't need replacing every year.
Keep your trampoline looking like new

We provide a range of trampoline pads in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, click the links below to view our deluxe range of trampoline pads:
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