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Trampoline Covers

Our trampoline covers are UV treated so they will maintain their structure in the summer and are waterproof, so they'll keep your trampoline protected from rainy weather. The tie on covers are constructed from PE material and feature 16 fixing ties which secure the cover to the trampoline so they will stay firmly fastened during gusts of wind. We have a cover available for round trampolines in four sizes; 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft.

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Covers are an important part keeping your trampoline clean throughout the year. The daily rigours of being situated in the garden will lead to any manner of things landing on your bounce mat and pads. Be it garden debris such as moss and leaves or bird droppings you certainly!

Covering your trampoline will prevent the build up of anything undesirable from your garden on the mat and make bouncing that much more enjoyable.

If you have purchased a high quality trampoline such as a Skyhigh many of the components will be built to stand up to a lot of punishment from different weather conditions.

However the use of a cover will give that extra layer of protection which will prolong your use of the original components such as the pads and delay you having to purchase replacements.

If you have bought a cheaper trampoline from a department store then it will be especially important you invest in a cover as these models are built from thinner materials and will stand up to less punishment. They also have shorter warranties so you will definitely end up having to pay for replacement pads, mats and maybe even a new trampoline if the weather affects the frame.

It is very important that you first know the size of your trampoline before embarking on selecting a cover. You can get this measurement with a round trampoline by taking the whole diameter of the metal frame at the widest point. You don't take into consideration the size of the bounce mat itself but rather the total diameter. With a rectangular or oval trampoline you need to measure the total length of the frame at the long and short sides at the widest point.