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Boules & Petanque

A classic and timeless game, we offer luxury Boules sets for up 8 players with carry cases included - so taking them to wherever the fun is will be a breeze!

Our polished steel Boules have a rust-free protective coating ensuring many years of happy play. Plus each individual Boules is engraved so players can easily keep track of which one is theirs!

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When trying to decide and choose which Boules set to buy it can be difficult to decide on the right set for you with the large ranges available. Boules sets can be made from various materials and each one provides different equipment it can be hard to select the right set for you.

Choosing your Boules Set

Most boules sets are made from plastic, metal or wood and they often come in various sizes which can confuse you when deciding what set to purchase. Most sets include boules which are either different colours or have different designs on them allowing players to identify their boule from others. Some boules sets include 3 boules whereas most sets include 6 or 8 boules allowing up to 4 players to join in with the game. Sets which include 6 boules should have 2 different engravings or patterns on them but some sets include 6 boules but in 3 different engravings meaning none of the official French forms of Petanque can be played.

All of our sets include a Jack or Cochonnet and this is thrown at the beginning of the game with the players then having to throw their metal boules as close as possible to this. The sets also include a handy measuring tool which helps to prevent any disagreements when there are tricky calls to decide who is closest to the jack.

measuring distance of boules

Finding the right storage solution

Different sets come in a variety of carry and storage cases. Some sets simply come in a plastic holder whilst others come in wooden storage boxes. Some sets simply come in a plastic holder and some come in heavy wooden storage boxes but we our sets come in practical storage solutions allowing them to be transported and stored safely. Both of the storage options that we offer are both practical as well as being strong and durable allowing the sets to last for years.

Most of our boules sets come packed in a canvas carry bag with a strong handle allowing them to be the ideal set for taking to the park or the beach to play with family and friends. With a zip close and a durable carry handle this is popular with players wanting to take the sets to various locations but also allowing them to be stored safely when not in use.

The boules in a metal box is not only great for the garden and enjoying with family and friends in the summer but also makes a great gift. Packed with the solid metal case this elegant set of boules allows players of all ages and abilities join in with this classic game. The solid durable metal box also helps protect the boules when being stored when not in play.

Our wonderful Pétanque and boules sets are ideal for any occasion and are perfect to give as a gift for any occasion. This classic game can be played almost anywhere as long as the surface is fairly flat as you do not require a large amount of space or special area to play on.

The game can be played in the garden, on dirt, gravel, grass at the park or even on the beach. With this game able to be played almost anywhere it is fantastic to take on holiday, to a family gathering or have as entertainment at a party or wedding.

Boules is often a game which is associated with older generations but this game is suitable for players of all ages and suits a range of skill levels. One great thing about the game is that anybody can join in with the fun and laughter, improving over time as Boules can become addictive.

boules on sand