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Trampoline Ladders

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It is especially important you use a ladder if young children are going to use the trampoline, between the ages of 3 and 10. Getting on the trampoline can be quite difficult without much upper body strength so being able to simply walk up the ladder and onto the mat is far easier and safer.

Our own Skyhigh trampoline ladders are made especially for safety with wide tread steps which are perfect for adults and kids alike. They give a wider surface area to place your feet on and the honeycomb design allows water to drain effectively in order to reduce the risk of slipping when you climb onto the mat.

They are very easy to attach to the trampoline securely with a hook structure. You simply lift your pads up, attach the ladder and then put the pads down again and you will be ready to climb on your trampoline!

They are also UV treated and the metal is galvanised in order to prevent the parts from rusting or wearing prematurely in all weather conditions.

Broadly speaking trampolines of the same size are manufactured to a similar height. For example there is a good chance an 8ft trampoline from two different brands will be very similar in stature. Larger trampolines such as 12fts and 14fts will be taller than 8fts so you will also need to take this into consideration.

It is always worth measuring the trampoline from the ground to the bounce mat and this will give you an indication of the perfect ladder. You want to be able to have the ladder at a comfortable angle to use so it is important to get this right.