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Trampoline Ladder Buying Guide

Skyhigh are one of the UK's best-known trampoline and trampoline accessories manufacturers, offering a range of high quality products that are designed to offer a combination of enjoyment and unrivalled safety.

Skyhigh trampoline ladders offer the same unquestionable safety that the Skyhigh brand has become associated with over the last few years, adding a number of safety enhancing features and fittings that offer unsurpassed protection.

A trampoline ladder is widely considered a fundamental addition to any trampoline, preventing the user of the trampoline from getting injured whilst also improving access.


Trampoline ladders are almost always built to fit a specific size of trampoline, having been designed to match the height of the trampoline frame. Our 8ft and 10ft trampoline ladders fit trampolines that are between 70cm and 80cm from the ground, whereas our 12ft, 13ft and 14ft trampoline ladders are all designed to fit trampolines that are 80cm to 90cm from the ground. It is important to purchase the right trampoline ladder to suit your trampoline, as otherwise you may end up with a ladder that doesn't fit your trampoline, or one that offers reduced safety. Skyhigh originally only made trampoline ladders in one size, but later introduced a second size of trampoline ladders to ensure that the angles of the steps offered effective safety on trampolines of all sizes.


There are a number of different materials that are used to manufacture trampoline ladders, with metal and plastic being the most common. Our trampoline ladders are produced with a solid metal frame, but feature safety enhancing plastic steps that are designed to offer unrivalled grip. The fittings that are used to offer added safety to our trampoline ladders are made from strong plastic and soft rubber.

Method of Attachment:

The way in which a trampoline ladder is attached to a trampoline is also very important, as some ways do not offer the same high levels of safety. Some trampoline ladders are screwed on the trampoline and some are just clipped on. Our Skyhigh trampoline ladders allow for both of these attachment methods, simply clipping onto your trampoline frame, offering uncompromised safety whilst also offering the user the opportunity to fix the ladder onto the frame using the holes in the attachments.

Weather Resistance:

It is essential that your trampoline ladder is able to withstand the impacts of bad weather, as otherwise the ladder could be a serious safety hazard. Metal trampoline ladders can become slippy and unsafe when they come into contact with water. Our trampoline ladders feature heavy-duty grip on the plastic steps for added safety, offering extensive protection against bad weather.


Often trampoline ladders are fitted with simple metal poles as steps and are unable to facilitate for heavier users. These metal trampoline ladders also become less effective in bad weather conditions and become unsafe as a result. Some trampoline ladders with these metal poles feature a thin layer of textured paper (similar to sandpaper) which is supposed to restrict the impact of water, this textured paper becomes worn very quickly and doesn't offer comparable levels of protection to the Skyhigh trampoline ladders.

Our Skyhigh trampoline ladders have strong and durable plastic steps that feature thick tread to prevent the users feet from slipping when accessing their trampoline. The holes within the tread also allows for the rain to run through the steps, further preventing any impact on the safety of the trampoline ladder. The steps on the Skyhigh trampoline ladders are the main reason behind their popularity, designed to keep a flat step-like angle when the trampoline ladder is not completely vertical. This feature makes both the small ladder and the large ladder compatible with more than one size of trampoline.

The Skyhigh trampoline ladder steps also have safety warning printed on the steps themselves, warning the user of the dangers of misusing the trampoline ladder.