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Play Teepee Tent For Schools & PreSchool

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Perfect for the early years and primary school, our play tents and wigwams are wonderfully versatile. They can create a comfortable and quiet reading area in the classroom or an adventurous imaginative play space in the playground!

We love that children grow and thrive in creative environments and want to support this as much as possible, so we're proud to offer a range of play tents and wigwams that are designed to inspire imaginative and creative play with a variety of different styles to choose from.

Our range of play tents are beautifully made with strong and durable cotton canvas, designed to withstand the enthusiastic play of little ones! The hardwearing materials allow the play tents to be put up and down time and time again for long lasting play in the classroom and outdoors.

Once assembled our wigwams can be folded down flat by simply scooping the poles together, so they can stand discreetly in the corner of the classroom or take up little space in the games cupboard. Simply spread out the wooden poles again ready for the next playtime. This provides really quick set-up for indoor and outdoor play.

The portable designs make these play tents really easy to move between classrooms, so everyone can share in the fun! A play tent can start the day as a quiet reading area for developing literacy skills, lifted outside for active playtime in the fresh air and moved to after school club to create an inspiring space for homework study.

Creative play is truly magical. Children learn about the world around them through pure imagination and develop invaluable skills that will last a lifetime. This wonderful type of play encourages children to explore their own creativity and play together with peers. Sharing imaginative play worlds with each other enhances communication skills and forms strong bonds, laying the foundation for healthy future relationships.