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Our racing sets are often used as relay games for races in schools, general friends and family fun days or even fund raisers. Prizes and trophies can be incorporated for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with games being arranged in age groups to make it fair for all players. Relay games are great for getting everyone at a party involved. Using relay races in school sports days also creates a fantastic opportunity for children to work as a team and interact with each other and with teachers on a different level. Many articles have been written about learning in and out of the classroom and the benefits this has on not only the relationships between the teacher and the class but also those within peer groups.

There are some classics and all time favourite elements of relay race games that have stayed true to their beginnings such as egg and spoon race, three legged race, sack racing and space hopper races.

Certainly a more modern trend, office team building is becoming ever more popular. We often receive calls for our relay games to be delivered to ice breaking and team building events. After all who can beat an egg and spoon race among your work colleagues. Why not have a giant sack race between the office departments, challenge the IT team to a three legged race and see how they do without screens and long technical names to hide behind! You could even get the management in on some wheelbarrow races. Why not talk to us about your next Christmas work do or team building event, we could certainly create something a little different for you.

Our exciting relay games have been designed with ultimate fun in mind, they always incorporate favourites such as our world famous Hoppin Mad through to the classic Sack Racing. We have packaged up a few of our games into a handy all in one set called the Party Sports Day, it covers all of the classics in one easy to carry set. This is a particular favourite as it includes Bean Bags, Sack Racing, Egg and Spoon, Ankle Straps and Start and Finish Tape and is sized to be ideal for children. But our games are not just for the children, check out the Hoppin Mad, an ultimate hopper set for adults or the Sack Racing which is suitable for adults too.