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Relay Race Ideas

relay race ideas
Relay races are fantastic to use as ice breakers for large groups at team building events, kid's parties, school sports days or summer barbecues. The essence of a relay race is for teams of equal numbers of people to race against each other with team members taking turns to complete a lap or task, then tag the next team member who has to complete the same obstacle or task. The winner is the team whose players all complete the course first.

The race challenge can simply be to run from one end of a course to the other then tag the next team member or the race can incorporate more creative, fun elements such as having to run or move down the course in a silly way or even overcome obstacles or use equipment in a kind of relay game. We've put together a variety of relay race game ideas to stimulate your imagination. The selection is far from exhaustive. If you have other race games you've played and want to share, let us know and we'll include them for others to try!