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Simple Relay Games

simple relay games
These simple races are quite traditional, having been passed down through the generations so you'll probably be familiar with many of them already. Sometimes simple is best as it requires little equipment and can be played spontaneously at an impromptu event

Wheelbarrow Race

An old traditional favourite. Players pair up: the smaller player puts their hands on the floor and lets the larger player lift their legs off the ground. The smaller player walks forwards on their hands with the larger player walking behind them down the course holding their legs in the air looking like a wheelbarrow. Once the first pair gets to the end, the next pair race back down the course in the same way until all of the team members have had their turn. The winning team is the one that finishes first.

wheelbarrow race

Three Legged Race

Pairs of players stand side by side and tie their closest legs together. The pairs then race against each other down the course with the legs that are tied together legs acting as one. The trick is co-ordination. Get it wrong and you end up flat on the floor.

three legged race

Egg and Spoon Race

A traditional favourite at fun sports days - ideal for younger players. You can use real, uncooked eggs if you dare, or hard boil them to make less mess. Or you can buy plastic or wooden eggs and spoons. The ones in the Party Sports Day set are ideal for young children. In a similar way to the bean bag balance, half of each team starts at each end of the course and racers take turns to race down the course balancing an egg on the spoon.
You can make the race harder by players having to return to the start if they drop their egg.
Once the first player reaches the end of the course, they give the egg and spoon to the next team member to run back to the other end.

This is a relay game where speed may not be the best approach. It's all about balance!

child with eggs

Sack Race

Teams split into two halves with each group at one end of the course. Each team has a Sack and players take turns to jump down the course in the Sack to tag the next team member. They then get in the Sack and jump back down to the other end of the course passing the sack to the next player in the team. The first team whose players all complete the course is the winner.

adults in a sack race