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Fun Pads vs Skyhigh Trampoline Pads

Skyhigh Pads vs Skyhigh Plus Trampoline Pads

We offer two different kinds of pads at Big Game Hunters: Skyhigh or Skyhigh Plus Trampoline Pads (sometimes called spring covers). Both will do a great job of keeping your trampoline springs covered and preventing users from coming into contact with the frame but they have different features and prices.

We would describe the two types of pads by saying that Skyhigh pads are our great value entry level pads and Skyhigh Plus are the deluxe premium model. Quite simply, you get what you pay for with both ranges of pads. The Skyhigh pads are very good quality pads in their price range and beat any competitor on the quality vs the price, but with the Skyhigh Plus pads you get that little bit more for paying more.

We would say it depends on your budget, how much you use the trampoline (how much it is covered up when not in use) and the environment your trampoline is kept in.

If your trampoline is covered up a lot of the time and is only used occasionally - for example it is for your grandchildren when they visit, or your children board at school so it is only used on occasional weekends and holidays then the Skyhigh pads will do the job. We would highly recommend getting a trampoline cover for your trampoline either way to make sure it is protected when not in use and especially throughout the winter months.

If your trampoline is under trees or in a particular area where you get a lot of high winds and rain then the Skyhigh Plus pads would be recommended. The Skyhigh pads will not withstand as much weather or bird droppings as the Skyhigh Plus pads so this is one thing to take into consideration when buying.

Below we have set out the technical specifications and how the pads match up against each other.


Skyhigh Plus Pads: 0.35mm Green PVC
Skyhigh Pads: top layer PVC 0.35mm & bottom layer PE 100g/m²
Skyhigh Plus Pads have a soft touch PVC all over and Skyhigh Pads have a rougher PVC of the same thickness with a PE bottom. This means that Skyhigh Plus Pads are more comfortable to sit on and also will stand up to more punishment in the bad weather.


Skyhigh Plus Pads: 27mm thick foam

Skyhigh Pads: 21mm Foam (12mm on 8ft)
Inside the pads you will find sealed EPE foam which won't let water in so mould won't grow. The thickness of the two varies and Skyhigh Plus Pads are thicker. This offers better protection from the user coming into contact with the springs or frame of the trampoline.

Skyhigh Pads offer adequate protection with 21mm from 10ft up. It is important that larger trampolines have pads with which offer the required level of protection.


Skyhigh Plus Pads: 33cm wide (30cm on 8ft)

Skyhigh Pads: 30cm wide

Another distinguishing feature between the two products is the width. Skyhigh Plus are wide which offers better coverage between the edge of the frame and the springs. It also makes the pads suitable for trampolines with long springs such as 210mm.