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What is a Trampoline Pad or Spring Cover?

What is a Trampoline Pad or Spring Cover?

What is a Trampoline Pad or Spring Cover? Do I need one?

Trampoline spring covers (or trampoline pads) are the protective padding which goes over the trampoline's frame and prevents the user from coming into contact with the springs.

The most common design is one which lays flat on top of this part of the trampoline. They are available in a variety of different shapes including round, rectangular and oval. You will need to measure the frame of you trampoline in order to find out the correct size you require.

Do I need a trampoline spring cover?

Spring covers are an important safety feature and one it is not advised to go without. Depending on the type of trampoline enclosure you have this will influence when your pads will be most useful.
Net tucks on inside of frame

This kind of trampoline enclosure actually keeps the user from coming into contact with the springs when bouncing because the net is held taught and upright on the inside of the frame.

You will most need a set of trampoline spring pads with this design most when getting on and off the trampoline. Without them your children will need to climb over the bare springs to get on to the mat and this could result in some nasty injuries.

Having a nice thick and wide premium trampoline pad will make it extremely comfortable getting on and off the trampoline and will also make the trampoline into a makeshift seat in the garden!

Net tucks outside of frame

Without a trampoline spring cover on this style of enclosure you will definitely be at risk of causing serious injury. Whilst bouncing you could potentially slip and fall directly onto the springs and/or the frame of the trampoline. Springs are pulled to a high tension which makes this especially dangerous if they are completely exposed.

With the addition of a high quality trampoline spring cover then if you fall you will literally be cushioned by sealed EPE foam surrounded by PVC. This obviously will be much safer and more comfortable!

My pads are worn out. How quickly should I replace them?

If you have done the shrewd thing and bought a high quality set of pads then you will likely get a significant amount of use from your existing trampoline spring cover.

However you will need to replace them at some stage. This will be a great deal sooner if you have bought a cheap, thin and nasty set.
Falling over onto a set of pads where the covering is worn could result in some nasty grazes and they won't perform to the same level of protection as a new set will.

It is advisable to replace your trampoline pads as soon as you see significant wear to the PVC or foam inside. Replacing the pads is very fast job as you simply need to undo the fixings and then do the reverse to attach the new pad.