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Measuring Your Trampoline

There is often confusion over what constitutes a trampoline's size. It is important to know the correct, industry recognised size so you can buy the corresponding size of trampoline accessories, i.e the ones that will fit! It is common sense to make sure the parts you buy for your trampoline will fit. There may occasionally be a small difference in size but anything more than a few millimeters will prevent the accessories from fitting. This is truer of items such as beds, enclosures and netting. You could fit pads or a cover to a trampoline that is slightly (a few millimeters) smaller than the recommended size, but never bigger!

It can be costly buying the wrong size accessories, both in time and money and all these things can prolong the amount of time your children have to wait to use their trampoline, which can never be a good thing!

People also frequently ask us how to attach the surround pad to the trampoline frame. We have also provided an explaination of how to do this.

How to Measure a Round Trampoline:

To find the size of a round trampoline you need to know the diameter from end to end of the metal frame and not of the mat.

1. Pick one side of the trampoline at the frame and measure it to the other side - across the centre of the trampoline. Some trampolines have a logo in the centre so this will help you locate it.

2. Repeat this from the opposite side as illustrated below

3. Work out the average size of the two and this will give an accurate reading of the trampolines size. The reason you need to work out the average of these two measurements is to allow for any bends in the frame or if your trampoline isn't level.

How to Measure a Rectangular Trampoline:

In order to measure a rectangular trampoline you need to find out the length of each side of the metal frame of the trampoline.

1. Start with the two shorter sides as illustrated below - these should be identical

2. Then move on to the two longer sides, again they will be identical (or the trampoline is not a rectangle!)

3. These two measurements will give you the size of your rectangular trampoline

Please Note: Our rectangular trampolines (and accessories) are measured in feet - to convert to feet from metres, multiply the metres by 3.2808 For example:
3 metres x 3.2808 = 9.84 feet, so 10 feet would equal 3 m 4.8 cm.

How to Measure an Oval Trampoline:

To properly measure an oval trampoline, similarly to rectangular trampolines you must find the measurements of the long and short sides of the oval.

1. Measure the shorter side at its greatest width

2. Now measure the longer side at its greatest width

3. The shorter side by the long side both at their greatest widths will give you the measurement of your oval trampoline