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Rules of Giant Connect IV

Rules of Giant Connect 4

To start off with you need to have purchased a game.

The set will come with the main game frame - shown in the picture above (they come in all sorts of different colours). it will also come with a number of counters - half in red and half in yellow.

Set Up

Find a fairly even piece of ground to assemble the board or frame. This could be a patio, a piece of lawn or even inside your house if you have space.

You will then need to get out all the coloured counters and separate them into the two colours. These come in the frame to ensure they get to you in the best condition possible, so you will need to push them out with a ruler and unwrap each of the pieces from their plastic wrapping.

Once you have all the counters, separate them into the two colors and you will be ready to play.

Note: make sure you have blocked the bottom of the frame so that the pieces do not drop out the bottom when you drop them in.

Object of the Game

The objective of the game is to get four of your colour counters in a line. This line could be either diagonal, horizontal or vertical. During the game you take it in turns to drop the counters into the frame. You must always have a go, and cannot 'pass' or forfeit your turn.

The first person to get 4 in a row is the winner.

Win, Lose or Draw

It is seen as losing or forfeiting the game to your opponant if you get more than 4 in a row. This could be done if you have no choice but to drop a counter into a space which is between your own colour counters making a row of 5 or more.

It is possible to draw - this happens when you fill up the board completely but noone has achieved four in a line.