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Giant Connect Games Buying Guide

"When you begin looking for a giant connect 4 in a row game you will soon discover that there are various different options available in a variety of colours, materials and sizes. Calling some of them ""giant"" can often be rather generous! In this guide we will list a selection of options you can pick from for a variety of different needs.

Buying the giant one brings the game to a whole new level. It can make it into a focal point for a party, a way to bring a team in an office together or even encouraging children to learn to play together, taking turns and sharing. The smallest children can even become involved in the game - if they can't reach they can stand on a chair or be lifted to take their turn. Either way it encourages people to work together - all with one goal, to win the game!

Our favourite events and occasions where we love to enjoy giant connect 4 in a row games both indoors and outdoors are:

Great for keeping guests entertained through lengthy photograph sessions or whilst waiting for food. Can involve a few people and is sure to draw people in by it's giant size. If you keep a close eye on the some of the photos on the site these were actually taken at our own staff's weddings!

BBQ's and Parties
As anyone of any age or ability can play, this game brings people together in a way not many other giant games do. You will be surprised how much fun can be had and not even with just children - most teens and adults will have a good laugh playing this game at a party.

Icebreakers/Team Building
Our games are perfect for office team building and ice breakers and they offer the perfect mix of competition and concentration. You can even organise little tournaments to see who comes out on top. Watch in amazement at how your colleagues competitve instincts are brought out and suddenly a ""kids"" game becomes very serious indeeed!

Choosing the right one...

We recommend checking the height your child can reach and buying one that is the right size for the user. The Jumbo 4 game is ideal for younger children with a smaller reach and the Up 4 It and Big 4 are recommended for older children or adults - although often the challenge of getting the counters in the top can be fun for little ones!

Our Range

Often budget can be somehting which will sway your decision in which model to buy. The price ranges are set out below...

Jumbo 4

For under £100, the perfect set for you is the Jumbo 4 game. This is the smallest wooden game available - but the price does not reflect a compromise on quality. The smaller size simply means less materials used so it can be brought to you at a significantly lower price.

Big 4

Although the largest of our wooden garden games, the Garden Games Big 4 is still under £150. Being made of wood gives it a long lasting quality that cannot be had from plastic. Definitely the best value for money in terms of size and quality.

Up 4 It

The Garden Games Up 4 It is our best selling connecting four game. The sides have special holders for the pieces so they can be kept all in one place and it is made of plastic - so easy to clean and can withstand a down pour if you happen to leave it outside.

'Up 4 It' is the name to replace the Hasbro Giant Connect 4 - but rest assured this is in name only and the quality, build and design is exactly the same as the old model. "