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How to Choose a Teepee for My Little One


Too many teepees, so little time!

With so many options available in the teepee world and little time to spare, how are you supposed to choose one without spending hours researching? All you want to do is purchase a special gift for you little one that will stand the test of time and inspire imaginative play, right?

Well, that's why we've kept our collection of teepees small and modest, with just a few special designs to choose from, making sure each one is made with beautiful attention to detail. It's really important to us that they're made to last and offer brilliant play value.

One size - simple!

One thing you've probably noticed while trawling through the huge numbers available, is that the sizes can vary quite a lot. One thing to watch out for though if you're thinking about size is the diameter or area at the bottom of the teepee. This is where the little ones will sit and play or read their storybooks, so it's the most important part.

This is why we've designed our teepees to each be exactly the same size, specifically with a 140cm diameter at the bottom. This makes sure there's plenty of space for children to play and grow into as they get a little older, and friends (or even parents!) can sit in there, too.

It's much more fun when little friends can join, reading stories together or playing with arts and crafts. Or, having enough space for mum or dad to join in and enjoy imaginative games and adventures together.

Hexagonal design - spacious and durable

You'll notice that each of our teepees feature a hexagonal shape design. We've chosen this shape specifically as it helps space feel plentiful but most importantly it provides extra stability. A lot of teepees are square at the bottom which means they have just 4 poles, but ours are hexagonal with 6 poles, so the frames are really strong.

Thick Wooden poles - extra strong

Watch out for the thickness of the poles and material used for the poles when choosing your teepee. We use wooden poles with a 220mm diameter so they're really strong and durable. They're carefully machined with a rounded finish, and each pole is made of two halves which connect together with plastic connectors.

Some teepees come with full length poles, which can be more susceptible to breaking as there's more pressure on them, whereas ours have discreet and durable plastic connectors in the middle to take the impact and keep the teepee sturdy.

You'll notice some designs include metal or plastic poles, but we love the natural beauty of wooden poles as they're naturally durable and blend beautifully into the home. Metal or plastic poles can feel a little cold and are often very lightweight, whereas wooden poles provide weight and stability, making sure the teepees are really strong and durable.

What age range are they suitable for?

Our teepees are perfect for children aged two years plus. For toddlers aged 2 years plus, a couple of friends can fit in there with them, too. They're also ideal for children aged up to around 10 years, creating a cosy area for quiet reading or relaxing. With a diameter of 140cm, even mum or dad can enjoy the den!

Natural Cotton Canvas - beautiful and hardwearing

Each teepee is made with really thick 100% cotton canvas, so they're lovely and natural while being really hardwearing. The cotton canvas is really soft, feeling warm and welcoming while complimenting any bedroom or nursery decor.

We have a few different pattern designs, and one which the little ones can even decorate themselves! This one comes with a plain white canvas and washable felt tip pens so the children can draw their own design, then start over when the cotton canvas is washed!

I'd like to use the teepee outdoors and indoors...

Great, our teepees are designed to be used outdoors and indoors.

When they're assembled, you can just scoop the teepee together to move it around or store it away, so you don't need to take it down and re-assemble it.

Teepees create lovely dens to enjoy in the Spring and Summer sunshine, and cosy indoor nooks during the colder months.

It's best not to leave the teepee outdoors in unfortunate weather, but it'll withstand a light rain shower.

I'd like a floor, too...

We've got a floor mat available that's compatible with all of our teepees, so you can just pop this onto your order too, if you like.

It's really easy to use - just lay the floor inside the teepee (cream colour side facing up) and use the ties to secure it to the wooden poles.

Our floor mat is a bit unique - it actually has a water resistant layer on the bottom so you can use it on grass, even if the grass is a bit damp.

We keep the floor optional, rather than including it with each teepee, so you can choose whether you'd like one. If you're planning to keep the teepee indoors on carpet, then you might not feel the need, but if you'd like the option of taking it outdoors on the grass or indoors on a wooden floor, then a floor mat is a lovely addition that makes it just that bit comfier!

Our floor mat can also be used as a storage bag, so you don't need to keep track of the accessories - they're all stored neatly together. If you'd like to transport the teepee, simply take it down, lay all the parts on the mat, roll it up, and carry with the handy handle.