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Drawing Games for Your Teepee


This teepee isn't just for playing inside, there's exciting scope to play 'on' the teepee, too!

The blank canvas isn't only perfect for decorating and drawing on, it's a great space to play games.

We've got a list of game ideas for young ones to play, with plenty for mum and dad to join in with too.

Noughts and Crosses

This is an exciting game for children to play together or to get mum or dad involved!

Draw two lines horizontally and vertically, creating a grid of nine squares; this can be as large as they like as there's a large blank canvas to play with! This game is for two players; one player is 'noughts' and the other is 'crosses'. Or, each player can have their own little icon or character.

Take in turns to mark the grid with noughts and crosses, until one player gets three noughts or crosses in a row. This player wins!

Make the game even more challenging by adding rows and columns.

Copy Cat Drawings

This is a fantastic game to encourage little one's drawing skills. Mum or dad can draw a picture on the canvas, using as many colours and detail as they wish, and then little one's task is to copy the drawing as closely as they can.

This invites children to really observe the detail and think about how to create the same shapes, shading and patterns. This can start quite simple and gradually get more complicated with lots of exciting drawings - this is brilliant for building their confidence and creativity.

Crocodile Dinner

Just like the game Hangman but with hungry crocodiles instead! Another great game for two players; the first player thinks of a word without telling the other player what it is and draws a little dash for each letter of the word, ready to fill in the letters. This first player also draws a little ledge with hungry crocodiles underneath.

The second player then guesses which letters make up the word. For each correct guess, the letter is written in place. For each wrong guess, a body part is drawn to gradually make a person stood on the edge of the ledge, who's trying to avoid the crocodiles underneath! If the whole person is drawn before the word is guessed, then the hungry crocodiles win!


This is perfect for encouraging very little ones to get drawing! Mum or dad can draw the outline of a person, animal or whole scene without filling in the detail or colouring in, and then it's the little one's task to colour them in! The skill is in imagining the detail and colouring-in while staying between the lines. This gives young children a little inspiration to start their drawings; just watch their creativity start flowing!

Take in Turns

The game is great for two or more players, so brothers and sisters can get involved too - as well as mum and dad of course!

The idea is for everyone to take in turns to add to a drawing. You can choose to take in turns line by line, so the detail is really intricate and this way the drawings can end up looking very interesting! Or, each player can draw a complete object, person or animal to build an exciting scene. There's lots of space on the canvas and the teepee includes 8 coloured pens, so there's huge scope for big and bold artwork!

Guess What?!

Guess What is like the popular game, Pictionary, and is perfect for two teams!

Each team takes their turn to draw a picture, drawn by one person, and the rest of their team must guess what the drawing is as quickly as they can.

Use a stopwatch or sand timer, and if the time runs out before the team have guessed correctly, the opposing team gains a point. If guessed correctly, the team gains a point.
Each team can either have a nominated artist who will draw each time, or take in turns so every player has a chance to draw.

Word Surprise

A game that's ideal for kids aged 4 years plus, this involves concentration and quick thinking!

To start, each player draws a 4 x 4 square grid. There's plenty of space on the teepee canvas for multiple players to join in. Each player then takes in turns to shout out a letter. Each player then must add this letter once anywhere on their grid. You can call out the same letter as many times as you like.

The aim of the game is to find as many words as you can within your grid, and the player with the most words found once the grid is full, wins!

Join 4 In a Row

Perfect for two players or two teams, this involves lots of strategy. Draw a grid on the fabric using 10 horizontal and vertical lines, making 20 squares.

Using the same rules and strategy involved in our giant 'Up 4 It' connect 4 in a row game, the aim is to get 4 marks in a row. Instead of using counters, you mark the grid using 'O's and 'X's (or any shapes you like), or just two different colours for the different teams.

Mark the grid as if the counters had dropped down vertically to the bottom, trying to block your opponent from getting 4 marks in a row. Filled with skill and concentration, your target is to get 4 marks in a row while stopping your opponent from doing the same!

A variation of this is to mark anywhere on the grid to gain 4 marks in a row, without needing to mark the rows bottom to top as if they were counters being 'dropped' in from the top.