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Create a Cosy Teepee Den For Story Time

child reading book in teepee

All our teepees arrive with everything you need to make an imaginative play area, but we're here to show you how to make the most magical story time teepee den just by adding a few accessories.

This is a great way of customising your little one's new home to make it extra special, and you can even use accessories from around the home. From fairy lights, blankets, garlands to special drawings, just to name a few. Customising your teepee den is also an ideal rainy day activity as you can do it indoors or outdoors.

fairy lights

Fairy Lights

Adding fairy lights around the outside of the fabric creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere for the youngsters to enjoy their favourite books, and adds an extra bit of light to help them read. Warm white fairy lights are gentle, but if you'd prefer them to fill the room with more light, LED white bulbs are the better choice.

floor in teepee

Add a floor

Our teepee floor is available separately and adds extra comfort, which is particularly useful when playing outdoors in the garden. The floor has ties to secure it to the teepee poles, designed to the same hexagonal shape, so there are no gaps around the edges. The kids can feel at home in their very own den.

This floor is made with soft cotton for comfort and also features a special waterproof underside - perfect if the grass is a little damp. Alternatively, you can create your own flooring using blankets and spare duvet covers. This transforms the tent into a really cosy retreat for a nap or quiet reading time.

cushions and blankets in teepee

Blankets and cushions

Adding lots of blankets and a few cushions makes the teepee feel really inviting and creates a space where storybooks and imaginative play can be enjoyed for hours on end. This helps to make reading exciting and provides a quiet place where their reading skills can be developed.

Creating a comfortable space they can enjoy time and time again helps reading to feel calming and familiar, encouraging more reading time and improving literacy skills.

bunting on teepee

Garlands and Bunting

A teepee can look even more enchanting adorned with garlands and fairy lights, and decorations are a lovely way of customising their very own den. Whether for make-believe adventures or parties with friends, dressing up the teepee is a brilliant way of personalising it and becomes the focal point for imaginative play.

Try adding customised bunting; use fabric pens and paints or craft accessories to decorate a plain stretch of bunting and adorn the top of the teepee with this using the poles to hold it in place.

child drawing on teepee

Customising your teepee

Our Decorate Your Own Teepee lets the little ones draw their very own designs on the cotton fabric, and even washes out afterwards so they can start again, ready for the next themed adventure!

Whether the youngsters are having a themed pirate adventure, castle adventures for princes and princesses or safari quests, a teepee can be dressed up to match the theme perfectly.

It's a wonderful opportunity to set up an arts and crafts table with lots of accessories for making matching themed decorations. A collection of stencils, pens, paints, pipe cleaners, buttons and a variety of fabrics in colours to suit the theme gives lots of scope for making exciting bunting and garlands.

The cosy den can also be a central part of children's parties, and adding a theme can make it even more special. Choosing a theme based on their favourite book is a really exciting way of encouraging children to interact with the stories they've read and feel eager to enjoy more storybooks.