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Giant Draughts

Giant Draughts is exactly what it sounds like - an enlarged version of the game Draughts! Draughts, also known as checkers, and a number of similar games have been played for centuries. The game uses the same board used for chess, which means you can swap out the giant checker pieces for giant chess pieces to make extra use of the board!

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The board game is known as a strategy board game which involves moving a set of pieces across a board in diagonal directions. Your opponent's pieces are captured by using your won pieces to jump over them. The original game was called Alquerque which means to move or draw.

International Draughts is played on a 10 x 10 board and English Draughts (American Checkers) is played on an 8 x 8 board. English Draughts was the basis for the advancement of artificial intelligence games. This is where a board game playing program is created. In more recent years (2007) scientists evolved their program so it became unbeatable! This involved many computers working away for more than a decade just to solve the game!

People have been playing the game of draughts outdoors for many years. Our Giant Draught set is perfect for playing outside and really take the game to an extra level due to its size and visual impact. Giant Draughts gives a more fun and novelty way of playing the game and giant draughts give you the opportunity to physically get involved.

Giant Draughts is perfect for many different situations and purposes, we have listed some here:

School and Clubs

Giant Draughts is a great game to teach children, it can teach strtegy, help with maths skills and teach teamwork and sportsmanship. Having a Giant Draughts Set will encourage childrena dn youngsters to play as there is a certain novelty value in anything giant sized!

Wedding and Events

Keeping people entertained at weddings and other events can sometimes be a struggle. Putting out a giant game like draughts can entertain people for hours. It is possible to play the game in teams so will involve more people and ultimately add enjoyment to the day or evening.

Lazy Sunday Afternoons

Being outside on a sunny day is everyone's idea of fun - so why not add some extra enjoyment by having a giant draughts set in your garden. The game can entertain all age groups and will have the children away from the television doing something constructive. A game the whole family can play is the perfect addition to any household.

Big Game Hunters not only sell Giant Draughts, but have a number of packages which will fill your spare time and save you money. Why not buy both a Giant Chess, Giant Draughts and Mat Package so you have both games available to suit different tastes. Alternatively, you could buy just the Giant Chess Pieces with a Draughts set and have them set out on your patio. Either way, they are both games that will be used for years to come.