Action Climbing Frame Sets

Welcome to the Action Climbing Frames section, where imagination meets creative play in this rustic climbing frame range.

Action Climbing Frames offer combinations of imaginative wooden climbing frame options at affordable prices. The range offers a variety of social activity's, challenges and above all lots of fun for all ages. The beauty of the Action Climbing Frames Range is that you can either choose one of the complete play sets or you design and create one that suits you and your family perfectly.

Safety is at the heart of Action's design specifications. From the substantial timber sections used for the climbing frames, through to the accessories and fixings, all components meet the stringent EN71 European Safety standards. The designs are put together in a safe but challenging combination to ensure children are at minimal risk when playing.

Action Climbing Frames

The most important aspects about the Action Climbing Frame Sets are detailed below. They are the safety aspect (as mentioned before), the environmental aspects as they action climbing frames are made from wood, the construction, installation, timber and the impressive warranty that these climbing frames hold.

Action Climbing Frames Safety

Safety is the main consideration and priority at the heart of the Action climbing frame designs. From the substantial timber used for the frames, through to the accessories and fixings. All components are CE marked and meet EN71 European specifications for residential children's play equipment.

Action Frames Sustainable Wood

Action climbing frames are made from wood, one of the most environmentally friendly materials available. The wood used for the frames is selected top grade pine from forests approved and managed under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification scheme (PEFC).Management of these forests involves protection of the environment, respect for the social rights of local communities, forest workers and economic viability.

Action Climbing Frame Components

The use of man-made materials in these climbing frames is limited wherever possible. Wooden seats, roofs, bridges, tunnels and polyhemp ropes are used on all the Action frames. The monkey bars, where used are made from high quality ASH hardwood rungs for non-slip use, all year round. All necessary fittings, fasteners, and ropes are included and are either galvanized or stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion. All of the galvanized swing hangers have low noise nylon bearings and bolt through the swing arm to ensure their smooth use and durability. The UV ray resistant plastic material used for slides presents no danger of toxicity, so is safe for the duration of its life.

Action Climbing Frame Installation

Before purchasing and installing your action climbing frame, measure your garden carefully. Add an additional unobstructed perimeter of 1.5m around the frame for safety and access with a clear zone of 2.5m in front and behind any swings and 2m from any boundary of your property. Action climbing frames are designed to be dug 30cm into the ground.

Climbing frames are large items and we recommend two or more people for installation. A full set of instructions, fixings, along with a drill bit for preparing screw holes are also included with each Action play unit.
Build times are set out in the specifications on each individual Action frame although these are estimates and assume a reasonably level and clear area as well as a certain amount of skill in the installer!

As a UK-wide shop, Big Game Hunter's Climbing Frame Shop cannot arrange professional installation for your climbing frame - but would recommend seeking out someone local to you if you require specialist help. It is also quite common for people to use local builders, carpenters, or general DIY or gardening services so it would be worthwhile getting a quote from a variety of sources.

Action Climbing Frame Timber

Substantial 70mm x 70mm timber sections are used for the Action climbing frames and 70mm x 90mm timber is used for the Action swing arms. The seasoned timber is machined, planed smooth with rounded edges and finished within 1mm tolerances. All fixing holes and nut recesses are pre-drilled, although occasionally they will need re-drilling to ensure they are deep enough. The timber is pressure treated to preserve its life, using a non- toxic chromium/cadmium/arsenic (CCA) free solution approved for children's playground equipment.

Action Climbing Frame Warranty

All Action Frames come with an impressive 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation on all timber sections and a 2 year guarantee against technical faults and manufacturing defects. All ropes, accessories and slides are guaranteed for 1 year subject to correct installation and normal domestic use.

The Action climbing frames here are separated into their relevant families, but if you wanted to create your own from scratch then please visit the 'Design Your Own' section by clicking on the button below. In this section you can use our step-by-step climbing frame builder, use our Action 3D design software or simply get advice and information if you are building your own climbing frame.

Bespoke Climbing Frames

Action Climbing frames are the best quality climbing frames for outdoor play on the market foir their price range. Modular in design, action allows you to create your own or choose from one of the specially designed sets.

Outdoor play is extremely important and Action knows this better than anyone. With Action, you can truly have something you can call your own. A unique creation which only you have will make your children and you family feel extra special. We know you and your children will gain so much from an action frame and will be proud to call it your own.

Action used high pressure treated timbers, and these frames are made to a high specification with Pine. There are many cheaper brands available now but on closer inspection, the timber quality and size of frame is almost always a few grades or sizes lower than the Action frames. Many are made from Chinese Fir which is not as hard wearing as pine and will not last the elements in the UK for as long.