Basketball Buying Guide

Basketball Buying Guide

When it comes to buying basketball equipment there is a large range of products to choose from. The important thing to consider is whether you are looking for children's equipment or professional equipment.

We have split the information into three areas and have covered buying basketballs, basketball stands, and also basketball rings and backboards on their own. Use the information below to find your perfect basketball product.

What Should I Consider When Buying Basketball Equipment?

When buying Basketball Equipment, there are three main things that you need to take into consideration to ensure you are buying the right product or products. These are:

Age Range

Buying the Best Basketball

Basketball Buying Guide

When choosing the right basketball for yourself or your child, there are various different sizes suited to each age group.

For younger children, we would suggest a small ball - size 5 being the smallest size we sell. We would class 'young' children to be below the age of 11 - although if your child is under 11 with a larger than average hand span, we would suggest a slightly larger ball.

The size 5 balls are perfect for smaller hands to fit around, and also a good weight for easy control of the ball.

For children aged 11 or above, or those in their teens, a size 6 would be more suitable. This is the size that most teenage clubs and teams play with and a good weight for club or recreational use. For many teenagers a size 7 ball would also be suitable. If they already play, it may be worth finding out what size they use now.

If you require a ball for a professional or semi-professional club team - or indeed for a more serious player to practice with then a size 7 will be what you are looking for. This size is the legal NBA basketball size and weight at 22oz.

The table below gives an overview of the sizes and weights of the balls:

Age Range Size of Ball Weight of Ball
11 and under Size 5 - 27.75" 18 oz
12 - 15 Size 6 - 28.5" 20 oz
16 + Size 7 - 29.5" 22 oz

Buying the Best Stand or Net

Basketball Buying Guide

Size is the most crucial factor when choosing the right basketball stand. If you are buying a net with or without a backboard to attach to a wall, then you can fix the ring however high you think is suitable.

If you have children of different ages, or you are a school or club where the age of players may vary, we would suggest a more portable stand where you can adjust the height as and when you need.

If you are buying the equipment for home use, and you think your children will need to make the net higher as they grow or improve in skill, then again we would recommend a stand rather than a backboard to attach to the wall. Moving a net and/or backboard that has been drilled into the wall can be messy and time consuming.

The majority of basketball stands are now adjustable, so you need to know which one is best suited, but also what height to set your stand to once it arrives.

For the youngest children and toddlers, the best stand would be the Bee Ball Junior Stand, the Sure Shot Hotshot, Sure Shot Easishot and for the slightly taller children the Bee Ball Compact Stand (also featured below).
The full NBA basketball height is 10ft (3.05m) and the majority of stands do adjust up to this height apart from those mentioned here.

There is also one more lower height product, the Sure Shot Easidual Stand which is a Basketball Net and Netball Stand combined. The Little Shot and Bee Ball Compact can be found by clicking on the products below.

The stands for small children (as mentioned above) are the following heights. The Bee Ball Junior adjusts from 1.65m up to 2.05m, the Little Shot being the smallest at 1.2m - 1.85m, the Hotshot extends from 1.2m to a slightly higher 2.4m, the Easishot is very similar at 1.2m - 2.5m and lastly, the Compact rises from 1.65m up to 2.6m.

If you are buying a stand for teenagers or taller children, as far as height is concerned you are now looking at full height stands. The full NBA legal height is 3.05m and other than the products mentioned above, all our stands go up to this height. However, we have a good range of stands at reasonable prices which, are not full professional quality but durable enough for recreational and home use. These are all portable, which makes them more practical if you do not have a committed area for basketball.

Our favourite two stands in this range are the Bee Ball Ultimate and the Sure Shot Quick Adjust as they are both heavy duty and durable without being the most expensive in their respective ranges.

Moving to adults and more serious players, things can get more expensive. We have a Basketball Specialist section which has three professional stands suitable for serious clubs. These are as described, very specialist and if you are a youth club, school or good player who needs something to practise with at home many of the stands in our Basketball Net section would be perfect for the job.

Product Materials

Basketball Buying Guide

Basketball Materials

  • Leather
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Composite Rubber

The diagram below shows you how most high quality balls are made up. The 2-Ply Butyl bladder is the highest quality bladder you can buy and most balls have a binding around the bladder in order to help maintain shape and a good quality product to play with.

Basketball Materials

Price Range

Budget Basketballs

Basketball balls can vary in price by a reasonable amount. Deciding on how much to spend is ultimately your decision but to give you an idea, we have based this on what you will be using the ball for and where you will be using it.

If you are going to be using a basketball for recreational use for a bit of fun, a good ball to choose would be the Molten BGR.
This is an extremely well priced ball, but for the price the quality is outstanding. It costs less than £15 and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This ball is available in a variety of colours and size 5, 6 and 7.

Mid-Range Basketballs

If you are looking for a ball that is going to be used in your local youth club, youth team or in school activity a good choice would be the Molten BGE Basketball. For under £20 this ball provides a little more durability that the cheapest balls in the range, without having to spend a fortune. It has an all surface composite cover allowing it to be used indoors as well as out. This ball also features the pebble grip technology with a scuff resistant exterior. The ball has been approved by the FIBA so can be used for training as well as recreational use.

High-End Range of Basketballs

If you are looking to buy a ball for professional or match use, there are a few great balls to choose. The cheapest is the Baden Elite Match Ball. This will cost around £50 but for this price you will be getting an extremely high quality match basketball. This ball is used by the English and Scottish National Basketball leagues and is endorsed by England Basketball and FIBA. This ball has a CCTTM Carcass and a 2 ply butyl bladder two tone microfibre cover. This ball is perfectly balanced for true bounce and flight.

Our other recommendation for high quality match basketballs would be the top end of the Molten range - similar to the unbranded ball they use in Olympic Basketball. Spalding make the official ball for the NBA in America, and their balls cost between £30 and £80 for their official match ball.

Basketball Buying Guide

Budget Basketball Rings and Stands

Stands and rings can vary in price from under £30 all the way up to tens of thousands of pounds!

You may be fortunate enough to have a wall where you can permanently fix your net for play at home or at a youth club or school. This could save money as you do not need to buy an entire stand and unit. As mentioned at the start of this guide, this can limit you if you need to move or adjust the playing height or location. Backboard and ring combinations start at around £20 and go up to around £100. These are for the toughened backboards, which will give the players a more professional feel to their game as well as lasting longer and being stronger.

In the lower price range for adjustable and portable full stands, there are a number of products including the Bee Ball Pro Bound Net which has a black, white and red design on the backboard so although at the cheaper end it does not look like a stand made for small children. Adjusting to full height (3.05m) this stand is great for youngsters who are likely to grow and continue to play.

Mid-Range Basketball Rings and Stands

The mid range equipment includes some of the more heavy duty rings to attach to your wall and the majority of the portable basketball stands. We have selected two of our favourite mid-range basketball stands which not only look good, but will stand the test of time with more boisterous children. They are also suitable for training adults as they go up to full NBA approved height (10 foot). The Bee Ball Optimum is the very best in the Bee Ball range combining an easy adjustable and portable stand with the highest quality rectangular backboard in the range.

High-End Basketball Rings and Stands

The highest end of the basketball equipment is the basketball specialist equipment. These basketball stands start at around £4000 and go all the way up to £10,000. These are most suited to professional clubs who are looking for stands for their basketball court or arena.

The Best Basketball Advice

We have tried to cover the main points in this guide on what to look for when buying basketball equipment.

However, if you have any specific questions we have not covered, please look through the individual products as they should give you a good idea on what each piece of equipment will offer and who and what it is best for. If you still have questions then feel free to get in touch and we will help you out as best we can.

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