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Big Game Hunters has the best range of quality accessories for your Wooden Climbing Frames. Moving on from Action Climbing Frames, we now stock an unrivalled and extensive range of seats for Swing Sets and climbing frames, Children's Slides and as many accessories and Baby Swing Seats as you can possibly imagine.

So Much Choice...

Big Game Hunters provide a wide range of Climbing Frame Accessories - whether you want to climb, swing, make a den, slide or do all of the above, this is where you will find a great range of high quality add ons for your frame.
A world of Climbing Frame Accessories

We sell a huge range of different accessories, all of which are designed to offer a significant improvement to your climbing frame. Our accessories are ideal for users of all ages, with options such as a basketball net, climbing footholds and a fireman's pole appealing to just about anyone.
Whether you're looking for a way of getting more use from your climbing frame, adapting it to suit your children's interests or just enhancing the offering and aesthetic appeal of your frame our range of accessories are a fantastic option for you.
Ready To Be Delivered

All of the items in our ranges are in the warehouse ready for delivery, so you can have the product of your choice in no time at all.
Modular - so you can pick and choose

Maybe you are building your own climbing frame and you want some accessories or add ons to make it even better? We have a great range of accessories and add-ons so you can buy climbing frame parts, hangers, hooks or safety flooring.

Wooden frames for children have always seemed to capture everyone's imagination, the outdoors always has that way of captivating you no matter how old you are.

Whether they want to play King Of The Castle, act like little Pirates or be total little monkeys. We have all the accessories you need to create an amazing climbing frame design - apart from the timbers!

Our range of Play Equipment

We stock a huge range of equipment for children, designed to suit each of our customers' individual tastes and requirements. We have accessory add-ons for children ranging in size, price, attributes, colours and many more important factors that all combine to result in the perfect frame for your home.

We offer our customers the opportunity to tailor their own, adding their desired components and parts to construct a frame to suit their garden and interests. There are a range of accessories and add-ons to choose from, including climbing, sports and imaginative options.


Children's climbing frames have been a global phenomenon, giving children everywhere an outlet for their big imaginations. Ever-present in playgrounds and gardens across the world, they are an essential part of childhood, representing the height of recreational play and opening up a world of opportunities.

Children's minds are full of exciting ideas and imaginative stories about the world around them, and they gives them a perfect place to explore these ideas and bring them to life!

Our equipment will inspire all sorts of different games, giving the children a chance to act out their favourite childhood stories or create their own exciting adventures. It will provide the children with a physical space to express themselves and explore the world around them.

Having somewhere fun to explore their imagination during the early years is hugely significant. Being creative helps children flourish into thoughtful, open minded young people that feel ready to take on the world, and children's climbing frames provide them with an exciting, adventurous place for this creativity to blossom. They will encourage the little ones to treasure their creativity and to share it with others. We also have some amazing playhouses, mud kitchens and mud play equipment which will also add to their play area so make sure you check these sections of the site out too!


Whether you have a wooden or metal frame or even just a swing set, there are few more effective ways of getting children in the garden or outside enjoying themselves. As a diverse source of exercise, climbing frames have also played a big part in keeping kids healthy, as well as encouraging socialising and creativity.

Sharing creative ideas and adventures with little friends or siblings can enhance their imaginations and maximise the climbing fun, while also developing important social and communication skills. Bouncing ideas off each other and inventing all sorts of adventures encourages the children to listen to each other and work together to complete their imaginative missions!

This play equipment provides a fun adventurous playground for children to act like little monkeys, swinging from bar to bar and challenging themselves to some climbing action. Having the chance to create adventures on a big multi-tower climbing frame is so much fun, with lots of features to explore and exciting challenges to try out.

Valuable, active fun!

Children's frames are a great way of getting more from your garden, getting the children outside and enjoying themselves while providing a valuable form of exercise and physical activity. A climbing frame is a great way of keeping kids healthy and is a far better way of keeping children happy than the modern-day alternatives such as video games and television.

It is also brilliant exercise for children, with lots of climbing, stretching, swinging and clambering. Their little muscles get an intense workout every time they play, helping to them to explore their brilliant capabilities and develop their strength. Playground equipment has to be one of the most fun forms of exercise in the world, encouraging them to act like adventurous little monkeys and challenge themselves to exciting activities!

They are designed to challenge and excite youngsters, providing a whole range of possibilities for them to explore. With such busy routines in modern day lives, it can be difficult to find the time to take the children out and get the exercise that's needed. That's where this equipment is wonderfully beneficial; sitting proudly in the garden ready for plenty of active adventures. The little ones can simply pop outside and play in the comfort of their own garden and get lots of valuable exercise while exploring a whole world of imaginative fun.

Providing fantastic cardio exercise for children, with the climbing and swinging increasing their heart rates, as well as the running from activity to activity. Children love to challenge each other and create an assault course from the various accessories, and this is a brilliant way of maximising the exercise. This play equipment encourages children to enjoy the natural outdoors, with just the lovely fresh air and their enchanting imaginations.

Climbing and swinging also lets the children explore different levels. Swooping down from tall monkey bars to a low platform and climbing up a cargo net encourages them to try different activities at different heights, with different parts of their body. Creating a whole array of active games on different levels means the children get lots of exercise and feel proud of their achievements, helping them to grow into healthy and strong little beings!

Choosing a frame for your garden can feel like a big decision, especially when there are lots of garden climbing frames to choose from, so you may have decided to create your own and that should be celebrated! Our website is here to make the process quicker and simpler. Our range is split into a few different categories for you to narrow down your search, and work out which accessories and add-ons will make your climbing frame truly special.

When creating your outdoor frame, it is important to consider the size and shape of your garden. They don't have to take up too much room, and can be arranged in a shape that's best for you. You may want to incorporate a tree, other play equipment or another garden feature.

Play Equipment Grows with the Children...

Outdoor play equipment provides children with a whole world of adventurous possibilities, and the exciting adventures can be extended with a selection of accessories. You could begin with a simple tower, frame and a couple of essentials, and expand when the children grow and require more challenging activities, including climbing walls and even fireman's poles!

They create such wonderful play areas for children, and last for a very long time. Being able to add lots of different accessories and components to make it more challenging for children as they grow up, will make it last that little bit longer. It can make it a brilliant investment that will continue to inspire and excite the youngsters for years to come. This means that while purchasing outdoor climbing frames may seem like a big decision initially, the amount of fun and adventure that's provided will make sure it is treasured for a very long time, and may even be passed on through the generations.

When children visit the local park, the first thing they run to is the climbing frame. There's something about them that appear so wonderfully exciting to young explorers, and the frames instantly become a world of limitless adventures.

Outdoor frames can also be brilliantly compact, and are very convenient for modern day living. The convenience of creating a climbing frame set up in your own back garden means that the children can pop outside whenever inspiration takes them, without needing to plan a family outing to an adventure park. Parents can feel assured that the children are always in safe sight from the home, being able to supervise at all times while the kids have lots of climbing fun!